Out For Ice Cream

Sunday, I wanted some ice cream. My husband suggested Sweet Frogs yogurt shop that we often visit. They had some specials going on if I had an account loaded on the phone app. After several attempts, I could not get the app to work. I was so frustrated. That's when my husband suggested we ride down to Cramerton to a little creamery we have only heard about. I was on board in a jiffy.

Cramerton is a small town where I attended middle school at the base of a small mountain. I have not been through there in years. 
We arrived at the small creamery and coffee house called Floyd and Blackies. Walking in was so inviting as there was no crowd and the atmosphere was set for comfort of a cozy coffee house. We made our ice cream choice as we stood in line. They carried my favorite brand, Hershey's Ice Cream, with several different flavors to choose from. 

I would have loved to try them all but choices are not something I'm good with so I went with my typical favorite of Salted Caramel Truffle. Nick had Raspberry Roadrunner. One scoop in a waffle cone hit the spot. 

We decided to go for a walk around the little town while we slurped the melting ice cream from the rim of our cones. The temperature was soaring in the upper 90’s.

Out back was a place to picnic by the muddy river. There was canoe rentals for the brave ones. 

Looking over the trees I saw a foot bridge and suggested we go a little further to see where it lead us. It was a nice little half mile walk to a park called Goat Island Park. A place I have always heard of but never knew where it was. 

Well, we just so happened to accidentally enter into it. There were sand boxes, a play ground and picnic areas for families. Throughout the park was a disk golf course. 

Our ice cream was gone by now and we headed back to the car then rode around more to find some new eating places to try in the future. It was a nice little afternoon outing. 


  1. After reading your title, I couldn't think of anything else but a meme I saw yesterday.


  2. Brayer's makes a Salted Carmel Vanilla ice cream, it's good. I love your adventure, those are the best.

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  4. Cramerton! Nice little town. Sherry and I have never walked over to Goat Island, must do it with the Great Grand daughter some time. she has been over there. That muddy river has been a constant question in my mind most of my 80 years. Also the name. I noticed further up the river it is called "the South Fork of the Catawba River". But I never knew that. I just wondered why it was always muddy when the Catawba is mostly pretty!
    Anyway glad you and Brother Nick had a good Ice Cream break. BUT the BEST flavor is Butter Pecan I thought everyone knew that! LOL
    Sending love from between the two rivers the South fork and the Catawba!
    Sherry & jack

  5. That ice cream cone looks delicious! I've been drinking Vanilla Milkshakes from Mc Donald's. I treat myself maybe once a week!

  6. Can never go wrong with ice cream.
    Looks like a lovely walk.

  7. I've seen a Sweet Frog at carowdins but never had it.

    1. There is a Sweet Frogs here just a skip and hop from you. Closer than Carrowinds.

  8. What a nice outing! We have Sweet Frog's 2 minutes away...I try to keep it out of my mind...LOL Best ice cream I've ever had was a small place in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. It was Cinnamon Gingerbread. I found a recipe and need to make some...that was over 3 years ago and I still crave that ice cream...LOL Hugs and happy weekend!