May Celebrations

I started the Month off with a happy Anniversary and would like to thank everyone for your happy wishes. It was a great day. My husband showered me with kisses and hugs. We exchanged cards and he surprised me with an iPencil and a new iPad case with a keyboard.

I was overwhelmed. We will celebrate some more this weekend with a nice dinner somewhere.

May is also my birthday month. I am excited to say that on the 16th I will be turning 50! Wow. Bring on the wrinkle creams and potty handles!

I have my birthday outfit ready!

May will be filled with all kinds of fun and events throughout. Not only will I be having a birthday, but I have a sister, a brother, and my dad that will be celebrating birthdays too. This means lots of cake cakes. Mom will make each one of us our own birthday dessert of our choice and we all share. I can already feel the pounds adding on as I type.

This weekend we will be making a trip to Charlotte to celebrate my daughters boyfriends Birthday and also Cinco De Mayo. We plan to try a new Mexican restaurant in town.

Speaking of Charlotte. If you have not heard already, there was a student shooting at UNCC this week that left the whole town in a somber state of mind. It hits close to home. This is where my daughter graduated college. It feels a little different when it's your area that is affected with such tragedy. Please keep all the students, faculty and families in your prayers.

I see a beach trip happening this month too! Can't hardly wait to have some fun in the sun and more birthday celebrations!


  1. May is my birthday month too. I don't have a birthday outfit though. :) I'm 18 years older than you! Happy Birthday!

  2. Wishing you a wonderful birthday Lisa! I hope you enjoy your day! Happy Birthday to the other members of your family! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh yes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMING UP! I know you are looking forward to the beach. Glad you had a good anniversary and that Nick is an ok guy. Surprises are nice. It is nice KNOWING people are still in love (shucks even as they near that dreaded 50 mark) LOL
    From over here,
    Sherry & jack

  4. Potty Handles...???

    Congratulation all round once again then...
    Don't worry about wrinkles, you have them
    from day your born, HeHe! Babies are 'covered'
    in wrinkles! Bless!

    And enjoy your Mexican dinner, Mexican food is
    one of my favourites...Just watched Andrew Zimmern
    on Bizarre Foods America down their..great food!

    Well...I'm just off into town, we have a Bank holiday
    over here on Monday..(May Day) nice long weekend!

  5. I hope that you have a lovely birthday and don't bother with the wrinkle creams they don't work ha ha have a great weekend. xx

  6. Hi Lisa, oh May is such a busy month for many. I hope you enjoy celebrating your birthday and the rest of your family.
    The bday outfit is really cute. It's my daughters birthday next Wednesday! Have a fun time this weekend.
    Julie xo

  7. What a fun month of celebrations!! I love your birthday outfit and the wonderful thoughtful gift your husband gave you!! The beach trip sounds heavenly!! Happy Birthday to you and the rest of your family!

  8. You lucky girl---I LOVED my 50s. I think they were some of my best years ever! What a thoughtful gift from your hubby. He's a keeper for sure.
    I know what you mean- tragedy hits you stronger when it is closer to home.
    Have a wonderful night and blessed Sunday- xo Diana