Weekend Celebrations

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I have trouble saying “Happy” Memorial Day because I feel it’s a sad day, but a day worth remembering and respecting. So many lives were sacrificed for our freedom. I can’t help but think of how young most of these soldiers were and the pain of the Mothers that had to let go of them.

My weekend had lots of celebrations. Four birthdays were celebrated. Mom invited us all over for steaks on the grill. My dad, brother, sister and me all have a birthday in May just days apart. Mom makes us our own cake. I requested a pound cake. It was delicious. I just can never seem to get a good photo of the food at Moms because everyone starts digging in as soon as the blessing ends. No one in my family understands why I want to take photos of food and when I say the word blog, I get funny looks. They have no idea what a blog is. My mom is the only one that reads my blog. All the others could care less. 

Just look at these two cute gifts from my sister. A hat and a bucket list bucket. Haha.


I had to work on Memorial Day but the boss let me slip out early. Me and Nick spent the rest of the day walking the strip malls and then to the grocery store. We were gonna put some fish steaks on the grill but we both agreed to settle for a good ole fashion hot dog instead. He threw some wieners on the grill while I made homemade slaw and tossed some french fries in the air fryer. Afterward, we enjoyed a nice walk around the neighborhood and settled in with a slice of cheese cakes later. 

Now it’s back the regular work days and routine afternoons. 
What did you do special for Memorial Day?


  1. Memorial Day is a day to remember and to honor. This might sound odd, but I thing those who gave their lives would want us to enjoy this day. Remember and honor, but also enjoy the freedom they helped pay for.

  2. Thank you Rick. This makes since to me.

  3. We celebrated Sunday. I had a Brat dog, first in years and today I had a hot dog. And I agree about the Happy Memorial day. But it is said a lot and I don't think many folk read anything negative into it. But the thought is Solemn, for sure.
    Sending some good thoughts your way,
    Sherry & jack

  4. Happy Birthday Lisa. How fun to be celebrating all of those birthdays in May. My daughters birthday is in May too! Your Memorial day sounds like it was nice and a fun dinner!

  5. Like you, I have a hard time saying Happy Memorial Day...just doesn't seem right. Happy Long Weekend and a Day Off Work? That doesn't sound any better! Love the gifts, those are just too cute!! We cleaned the garage on Monday...it was very exciting! :-) Hugs!

  6. Interesting, hope you all had great time together...

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Lisa!

  8. awww, I need to look into an air fryer ... though I'm trying to limit the carbs.