Storm Front

I'm one of those people that love thunder storms. We do not have a threat of falling trees on our house, which I'm sure helps with the enjoyment and peace each storms brings. During a thunder storm, we will sometimes pull out the folding chairs and sit under the carport just to feel the breeze and listen to the sounds of the rain and thunder.

When I chose a candle from Goose Creek Candles, I immediately fell for the fragrance of  "Storm Front". This large jar candle has dual wicks that quickly filled my home with the sweet aroma of a breezy Summer storm.

There is just something about the sound, smell and that little bit of fear mixed with a cozy feeling a Summer storm gives. Just like fresh outside air, with Goose Creek Candles I never have to worry about breathing in harmful toxins. Each candle is lead free and burns clean. This also means the candle jar, walls or ceilings will not turn black with residue like most candles can leave behind.

These candles are made with premium paraffin that is highly scented.
The prominent scents of this Storm Front candle give you the best mix of aroma as they are all combined in the perfect combination of layers.

Top: Orange, White Peach, and Red Pineapple.
Mid: Crisp Apple, Jasmine and Lavender.
Base: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Amber.

Goose Creek Candles has over 100 different scents to choose from to fit any occasion or mood. 
You can also shop with confidence as these are made right here in the USA. 


This large jar candle was provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I'm not a candle person but I do like a good storm.

  2. I think it's funny when candle companies come up with flavors that don't make much sense. Like bright copper kettles

  3. I love thunder storms from a distance. When I hear them stomping toward me, that's different. Those look like lovely candles.

  4. I love storms also...while we don't have trees to fall on our house or fence, we do have neighbors who have those trees. One fell on our fence the other day and the neighbor had it all cleaned up and taken care of by the end of the day! I bet that candle smells wonderful! What great scents!! Hugs!

  5. I'm with happy one. I do love a storm, not the damages of course, but as a kid I loved a summer thunder storm. Sherry isn't crazy about them, I am glad Nick is.
    Sherry & jack
    PS: Sherry has already been here, I don't know why I am late......

  6. Sorry! But! I don't do candles...NOT indoors
    at word comes to mind...FIRE! :(.
    Certainly 'NOT' use them with pets about!
    Would'nt even use them in a power cut....!
    And...a naked flame burning in ones home!
    "I don't think so"

  7. My husband loves storms. I'm not much of a fan.

  8. OOO, I love the sound of this candle! I don;t like storms, but I know the smell you to which you are referring. I love the scents that you listed too .. I love sitting in the bath and having sone wonderful candles to enjoy, so I am goin to check this out.
    Happy Mothers day weekend to you too!
    jess xx

  9. Storm Front sounds like an interesting candle! I love that Goose Creek Candles don't have harmful toxins. Great review Lisa!