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I have been at the beach all this week. It is absolutely my favorite place to be. However, I have never been here in the Winter but I think I would enjoy it just the same. I feel like I am away from the bad things in the world when I am down here. The internet is bad and half the time the cable goes out but that gives me a chance to reflect on the nature around me. 

The days have been hot and sunny but we fight the pop up showers that come around 2:00 each afternoon and last about 15 minutes. One afternoon, Nicks brother and his girlfriend came to spend time with us on the beach. It was sunny one minute and all of a sudden it came a down pour. Everyone huddled under their beach umbrellas until it passed, but not me. I mean, we had on our swim suits so why not just get wet? I stepped out from under the umbrellas and played in the rain. Needless to say, they stayed dry and I looked like a wet rat the rest of the day. Ha. 

We went walking down the beach one day and we could see the rain in the horizon. It looked like we were walking right into the storm but we could tell it was moving West and away. It was a beautiful sight. We would also sat on the sunny beach and watch the rain bans move across the ocean. It was amazing. 

There was one day, so far,  that was a wash out. There was no lighting or thunder but we could hear the rain pounding on the roof. It was raining so hard, you could not see out. We could hear the strong winds flip a few awnings from other campers. We never leave our awning out for this reason. The weather is so unpredictable at the beach. So we stayed in and watched lifetime movies until the rain tapered off that evening just in time for us to go out to dinner. That night it was clear and we took our chairs out to the beach and sat under the stars and talked about life. 

We have a few more days down here before it’s back to the real world. It looks like it will be sunny from here out. 

Storm Front

I'm one of those people that love thunder storms. We do not have a threat of falling trees on our house, which I'm sure helps with the enjoyment and peace each storms brings. During a thunder storm, we will sometimes pull out the folding chairs and sit under the carport just to feel the breeze and listen to the sounds of the rain and thunder.

When I chose a candle from Goose Creek Candles, I immediately fell for the fragrance of  "Storm Front". This large jar candle has dual wicks that quickly filled my home with the sweet aroma of a breezy Summer storm.

There is just something about the sound, smell and that little bit of fear mixed with a cozy feeling a Summer storm gives. Just like fresh outside air, with Goose Creek Candles I never have to worry about breathing in harmful toxins. Each candle is lead free and burns clean. This also means the candle jar, walls or ceilings will not turn black with residue like most candles can leave behind.

These candles are made with premium paraffin that is highly scented.
The prominent scents of this Storm Front candle give you the best mix of aroma as they are all combined in the perfect combination of layers.

Top: Orange, White Peach, and Red Pineapple.
Mid: Crisp Apple, Jasmine and Lavender.
Base: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Amber.

Goose Creek Candles has over 100 different scents to choose from to fit any occasion or mood. 
You can also shop with confidence as these are made right here in the USA. 


This large jar candle was provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.

So Much Rain

Oh my gosh Betty! It has rained so much here in North Carolina. I think it has rained every week since August. I think rainy days are cozy and peaceful but it has been non stop all this past week with only a few peeps of sunshine when the clouds break up a little. We have flood warnings. I have never seen a flood here other than low spots in yards aound the area.

The temperatures go from 30 to 60 on any given day and we have even had some thunder and lighting. They say 10 days after Winter thunder, snow will fall. I’m not sure about that. 
I try not to complain about what the Lord throws down on us, but I really need some sunshine. 

It’s so wet that that I’m trying to save earthworms around here. Haha. 

Then there was this puddle in the yard I have been anylizing all week through the living room window. I made it an oppertunity to try out my handmade sail boat I made from a peice of dift wood I found on the beach. 

It did float and I had a little fun. Who cares if I looked like a weirdo playing in mud puddles at my age. 

Whats the weather like in your area?