Hello 50

Hello 50. 
I see you.


I saw you this morning when I looked into the mirror.
There is a new wrinkle that was not there yesterday.
I heard you laugh when I thought of how in the world did I make it this far?
I also saw you smile back at me when I realized I have no serious health issues.
My hair is a little more gray today and I think I see another hair on my chin.
My eye sight is not 20/20, It's 20/happy according to the optometrist.
I can’t hear as good as I used too but I'll consider that a gift.
I am told that you bring friends when you arrive such as mood swings and hot flashes.
I sure hope I never have to meet them.
It’s ok that I’m older than Sesame Street or the Internet.
because I do not feel a day over 30.

Until I saw you when I looked in the mirror this morning. 

My famous birthday twins are:
(also born May 16, 1969)

David Boreanaz & Tucker Carlson

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  1. I'll be staring at 50 in August. I'm not sure I will look as amazing as you are!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, I left 50 behind years ago. I have a new one now.
    You look great!

  3. WE and Nick say you are a good looking 50! I loved the 50's, that is in cars, and mostly Chevy's.
    You are now a well taken care of classic!
    Love from over here between the Rivers,
    Sherry & jack

  4. PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Life is good!

  5. Happy Birthday Lisa! Wishing you a wonderful birthday my beautiful friend!🧁

  6. ...and you look much better than both of them...

  7. Happy Birthday! you look great girl.

  8. Happy Birthday! You make 50 look fabulous! I left 50 behind many years ago...enjoy it while it's here! Hugs!

  9. Right behind you - Happy birthday beautiful - you are forever young! God bless you ( :

  10. I know I already said it but Happy Birthday Beautiful....it’s your birthday all weekend!!!!! And guess what...you’re AWESOME AF!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  11. sharing your bd with one out of two isn't bad. enjoy the day. no advice:)

  12. Happy Birthday Lisa!! Love what you wrote. I am on the 50 train as of last year. Really, it's all how you feel. You look great!
    Jess xx

  13. You look fabulous at 50 Lisa!