I was a teenager in the 80's and one of the big fashion statements of the time was hair scrunchies. I mean, the bigger the better. So was the hair but I'm not going back there.

I had all sizes and colors. They finally went out of style and you could not find them in the stores anymore. Now they have made a come back. [eye roll]. Does this mean the big hair and jelly shoes will come back too? Oh wait, It could get worst. They could bring back the banana clips.

I have been there and done that so I'm still not sure about the scrunchies.....Ok, yes, I admit I'm actually wearing one in my hair today. I sorta like it [again]. I refused to go out and buy a scrunchy when I knew I could make one myself. It was quiet simple. Just kidding.

I picked up some cute fabric at Walmart for .50 cent.
Then went by the DIY video HERE.

After almost tossing the machine out the window and saying a few cuss words, 4 scrunchies were born.

My sister wanted one and I took one. Then I gave the other two to my daughter. I might make more, but I might want to find me a new sewing machine first. I just want a small simple machine for crafts. Mom gave me her old one and it is really nice but I get in a fight with it every time I use it. I mean really, and I can't see myself making any clothes in the future anyway. 

It seems like this time around, with the scrunchies fad, I see more girls wearing them on their wrist as a fashion statement for an emergency hair tie. I guess it does look more cute than the rubber hair bands around their wrist. 

These little hair accessories are actually great for your hair and help prevent against breakage.

Can you think of other fashion that's making a come back?


  1. We're the same age - I do remember the scrunchies, the big hair, the Reebok high top sneakers with scrunched down tall socks, the jellies (those shoes) The jordache and Gloria V jeans, .... I gotta say, the scrunchies, for healthy hair purposes as you stated, are a smart comeback - The other stuff? Not so much. Good for you, making your own! I like your fabric choices.

  2. Cute for sure, BUT I thought we were talking about the 'exercise'.

    We are laughing a little as we wait for a very late mechanic. hanging by a thread for our reservations in Virginia for tonight. We have set 1-2PM as the dead line to call and cancel.....
    BUT true, it is much better to laugh than cry. AND we are not in the hospital.. LOL

  3. I would look sooooo good in those...oh, wait

  4. I was a teenager during the early/mid 2000's and I remember scrunchies! I used to have a bunch of them! You did a great job making these Lisa! So cute!

  5. I love your scrunchies. Great job and colors. I think those bell bottoms kind of came back - not so sure I like those....

  6. They are nice but I've never used one.
    Seems like most things come and go after a while.

  7. Oh my daughter loves wearing scrunchies and you did such a great job making all of those! Hope you enjoy wearing them.

  8. I never stopped wearing scrunchies. I had so many, I never rain out. Those are adorable! Great job! I guess I need to stock back up while they are back in style..hahahaha

    Have a great 4th of July!

  9. My 11-year-old daughter is looking for scrunchies lately, and has also made a few of her own :) I saw a banana clip at the store the other day! LOL

  10. You did a great job! I love them! Having short, short hair, I've never needed scrunchies...BUT, this week, I'm getting extensions so that I can let my hair grow! Honey, I cannot tell you how excited I am! Long hair...messy bun...dry shampoo...LOL Hugs!!