One Week Caffeine Free

Hello, My name is Lisa and I’m a coffeeholic.
That's right, I love coffee and drink it every day.  As my daddy would say “I like my coffee leaded, not unleaded”.

Every morning I jump out of bed and head to the kitchen for a rich cup of Joe. It’s like a hug in a cup. After breakfast, my husband fills up my 20oz Yeti cup with coffee and cream and I head off to work. I will sip on this coffee til noon. I think I could have, might of been addicted. The doctors have told me for years to stop the caffeine.

Well due to some other health concerns, Me and Nick have decided to stop the caffeine cold turkey. We headed out to the grocery store and purchased a small canister of decaffeinated coffee to give it a try. Folgers black silk is our coffee of choice and were happy to have found it in decaf. 

The first day, I dreaded getting up for a cup of coffee knowing my get up and go was not going to be there. It was a lot of mind over matter on how I felt. I thought about it all day and waited on a head ache. It never came. All I could think about was how I was going to feel later. 

The third day is when it hit me. Half way through the day, I felt tired, was grumpy and had a faint headache. I think this was the hump in the road.
The next days forward, I have felt fine and adjusting well.

It’s been a week now and I feel good. My energy level might be a little lower but only in the mornings. By the afternoons, I’m normal. If there is such thing as normal. Haha. 

Here are a few things I’ve noticed after going caffeine free.
-I seem to be in a better mood and not as uptight.
-I think even my skin is detoxing from caffeine as I’m noticing some acne on my shoulders.
-I feel fresher.
-I’m sleeping better. I look forward to going to sleep now. However, I am having lots of weird dreams. Not sure if its related. 
-My Meneire’s ear seems to be a little better. The doctor said that caffeine and salt are two major triggers so I hope this works. Time will tell. 

I read that when going caffeine free, just take a B12 Vitamin for the same energy.
I have always taken a B12 in the mornings. Maybe this has helped me survive this week.  

Will I stay caffeine free? Probably not, but I will definitely be drinking mostly caffeine free at home. I will not turn down a cup of loaded coffee from Starbuck when I cross one and then there’s chocolate. A girl has gotta have her chocolate.  


  1. After years of pregnancy and breast feeding, I had gone almost eight years without caffeine. Going back to it was like a jolt to the system. My husband asked why I started using it again, bt I had four kids under the age of 6- I needed the jolt!

    Good luck staying caffeine free.

  2. My Sherry has me buying a pound of reg and one decaf. We mix the two so we get half the caffeine I guess. i don't remember her reason, I guess I should ask. I did, she doesn't remember except she heard too much is not good for you. So we are half caffeine free. LOL
    Sherry and jack in PA for a few more days....

  3. I'm not a coffee drinker but do have a soda each day. Small doses of caffeine. It is truly harsh on my skin so I really have to limit my intake. Glad to know you've had a good first week! Hugs!

  4. Health concerns?

    Why would you want to live without coffee?

    Just asking, for a friend.

  5. i am such a coffeeholic too Lisa. I live on it and love at least one hot cup in the morning and one ice coffee in the afternoon during the summer months. I have been trying to have decaf in the afternoon though. No more coffee for me after dinner as I then can't sleep at night.
    Good luck with this. My daughter just stopped drinking coffee yesterday and says that she feels real tired!
    Not sure if i want to give it up!

  6. You should try some orange caffeine free bigelow tea it is great..I drink it on hot and cold days which are plenty in Washington state..I don't drink coffee at all, for my health I have kidney problems due to my type 2 diabetes but can drink Monkey King tea from NUMI teas and my bigelow orange caffeine free tea daily..good for ones healthy body and mind, just a suggestion!

  7. I did not know all that - but I do drink but one cup every day!

  8. Good for you and your hubby!! Going cold turkey is not easy but I find its the best way to approach something. I'm glad you're feeling the health benefits of going caffeine free. My weakness is dark chocolate, I have a hard time saying no to that. I find I need to stay a way completely as there is no moderation when it comes to dark chocolate.
    Stay strong!

  9. i think the decaf still has caffeine...just not as much..maybe switching to a caffeine free tea will work for you ...2 things i ain't about to give morning coffee and seeing every johnny depp movie that he makes!!!!!!!