I have not had any fresh figs in a long time. In fact, It’s been over 15 years ago. That’s when we moved. Before we married, My husband bought his Grandparents old house. This is where we lived for 10 years after we said “I do”. His grandparents came over from Italy and planted several fig trees in that back yard. They were huge and plentiful. I rarely got any figs off them because most were too tall to reach and the birds beat me to them. When we were able to snatch a few, they were large, plump and sweet. I’m sure his Grandmother used them in several dishes back in the day.

I went on Face book and asked if anyone knew where I could get some fresh figs. It did not take long for someone to mention a name of one of our church members. I tagged him in the facebook post so he could see the request. 

When I walked into church Sunday morning, this dear sweet man was waiting for me with a large bag full of sweet ripe figs. After sharing a few to some other curious church members, I still made it home with plenty.

I put a few figs into the freezer and some in the fridge but not before we enjoyed some for dinner. I experimented by making a glaze that consist of balsamic vinegar and brown sugar.

I dipped the figs into the mixture then placed them in a pocket of tin foil. While Nick was grilling up supper, I place the figs on the grill next to the tuna steaks and baked potato. They turned out great and went well with our meal. 

Here are some of the grilled figs drizzled with honey and topped with a tad of plain yogurt. 

I have decided that I just like them best raw right off the vine. 

Do you like figs? What is your favorite way to eat them? Have you ever tried them cooked or grilled?


  1. I bought a fig tree sapling at the beach and brought it home, but it didn't grow. Our winters must have been too harsh for it.

  2. Sherry is the fig eater here. I prefer hard fruit that cracks when I bite it, or firm like a grape. She also like persimmons and I don't mess with them either. LOL
    From the Bell town,
    Sherry & jack

  3. So ugly, but delich. My aunt had a fig tree. Loved visiting that basket of loveliness.

  4. I love figs but like you, haven't had any in quite some time. My grandmother (Italian) used to grow figs and use them in so many yummy dessert recipes. I always loved her homemade fig cookies she would make at Christmas. She would let me turn the grinder to smash them up for the cookies...LOL Hugs!

  5. Simple, eat them on a cheese plate with gorgonzola....heaven.

  6. I picked a gallon yesterday and today Jilda made fig preserves.
    Tonight after yoga, we had veggies with hummus and also fig preserves on Brie cheese. YUM!

  7. I love figs and my goodness, they look great with that glaze and yogurt!

  8. I love fresh figs, both my Italian grandfathers had fig trees too! My absolute favorite way to eat them:
    Cross cut the top in an x and open. Fill with fresh ricotta, crushed toasted pistachios (I just do them dry in a non stick pan on the stove and crush them in a ziplock with a rolling pin)drizzle fresh honey and fresh mint on the top. So easy and everyone loves them.