Breakfast and a SeeSaw

Saturday we spent the morning visiting my daughter in the queen city. She wanted to take us out to breakfast and a little walk around the area.
Her boyfriend came along too. He is a joy to be around. We parked at her uptown apartment and walked 2 miles to a little place called Roots Cafe

Me and Nick just wanted something lite so we ordered a side of avocado toast. 

They messed up and gave us the whole meal plate which included 2 eggs on the side. I was ok with that as I love eggs and ended up cleaning my plate. 

We also shared a Latke with Poblano Cream Crema & green onions. It was a type of potato cake and was delicious. 

Afterward we walked down to a new doughnut shop tucked away in the back of a building called PepperBox Doughnuts. They offer different varieties of doughnuts each week. I chose the “Elvis”.

It was topped with a banana cream with a drizzle of peanut butter and topped with bacon. I only took two bites and I was finished. I’m trying to keep away from the sweets. But I just couldn't resist. 

My daughter ordered the Hibiscus Jelly filled. Hers was much better than mine. It tasted like real fruit and topped with sugar crystals.

While we were headed back, we came across a see-saw next to the lightrail and I had to jump on. 

We laughed and giggled like two little kids on a playground. I didn’t care who was watching. 

You can see her boyfriend sitting there probably thinking his girlfriend has a crazy mom. Haha.

It’s always fun to visit my daughter. Later we headed to my mom and dads to celebrate my oldest brothers 55th birthday. We had some good food, cake and laughs to finish off the night. 


  1. sounds like a lovely day. glad you had a good time. your smile on the seesaw was priceless.

  2. Maybe the claim 'everything's better with bacon' is on target.

    Life should be 'about' being crazy

  3. Sounds like you have a fun weekend. I love donuts and going on the see saw is so fun!

  4. I truly enjoy your relationship with your daughter. Sherry has always wanted 'that' daughter to share life with, but never happened. She and her mom were THAT close, she wanted it to continue another generation. I can't even pronounce the food you eat. LOL Downtown Charlotte has sure changed, at least I think anything inside the 'LOOP' is down town. hahahaha.
    Love the see-saw. someone had a great idea!
    Sherry and jack in Dutch country and yep, we are not far from Hershey and since Sherry is a chocoholic, yep been there. LOL

  5. I thought that was so wonderful - we need to get out and play. Those foods looked different and delicious. What area do you live in? Glad you had fun.

  6. You’re not a crazy mom, you’re a FUN MOM! Love this yummy and fun day you enjoyed!

  7. Those doughnuts sounds amazing. Also, I can’t remember the last time I was on a seesaw.