Ready For Valentines Day

Valentines day is one of my favorite days of the year. I do not usually get flowers or boxes of candy but there is just something about the love in the air that makes me happy all day. Me and my Valentine plan to have a nice dinner somewhere but nothing fancy, unless hes has a surprise up his sleeve. 

I celebrate Valentines by decorating a little around the house. I have my handmade heart garland on my mantle and lots of red linens and decor throughout the house. I also love wearing something Valentiny (is that a word?)

This year I'm choosing to wear this little heart print sweatshirt to work. It's bright fun and comfy.

After work I'm wearing my favorite pink crop sweater and high waist jeans paired with a pair of patent black sock booties. 

My daughter came by and we had her a little gift bag full of valentine treats. (Did I mention shes 27?) She will be back home on Friday to spend the weekend with us and I plan to make her the traditional heart shape pancakes as I have done every year. This is always a fun treat. I'll also be making heart shape brownies and muffins. Even my drinks will be served with heart shaped ice cubes.

The other day I showed off my favorite Nutrisystem "Whoopie Pie" dessert on Instagram. I decorated with a dollop of cool whip and heart shape sprinkles. It was divine!

By the way, If your on Instagram, I’d love you to follow me at LILIDI_MEO. 

The past two Valentines Days we had cold snowy weather. This year it suppose to be in the 60s. Maybe me and my Valentine will enjoy the weather and take a little Valentine power walk after dinner. Maybe we won’t [wink wink].

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Pink Crop Sweater- Wild Fable -Target
High Waist Jeans- YMI- Wanna Bigger Butt Jeans - Belks
Valentine Heart Top- Forever21 -Forever21
Black Patent Sock Booties - Bamboo- Charlotte Russe


  1. Okay, I had to rush over. Sherry got here first for the first time in a long time and left smiling (wink wink) HAHA. We love to read usually I am first and hint what is written, this time she liked the outfits, but they are tooo young for her. hahaha.
    She likes anything that looks chocolate.

    always a fun visit and as always we do like the mother daughter relationship. Sherry was CLOSE to her mother.
    Cooler in Fla, but nice ....Sherry & jack.

  2. Your sweatshirt looks so comfy! Perfect for this time of year.

  3. like the heart sweatshirt. very sweet.

  4. Daisy and I both work on the actual day, tomorrow will be ours.

  5. Your red heart sweater is cute, and love those boots. I can't wear that high of heels any more, but love seeing them on other women. That whoopee pie looks Yummy! I hope you have a fun Valentine's Day! And how special that you still get goodies for your daughter.

    ~Sheri funny, I just said the same thing on my January 28 post.....Valentiney (is that a word?) I guess we were thinking the same thing. : )

  6. Love your cute sweatshirt Lisa! Gets you in the spirit of Vday Your desert looks delicious and it sounds like you have fun decorating. Love your pink sweater, those jeans look great! We usually make a nice dinner and have a great bottle of wine at home. I lovr to give cards, so hubby will be surprised.
    Jess xx

  7. A Valentine powerwalk sounds great! I just love that sweet little heart sweatshirt, you’ll be the cutest girl in the office!

  8. You are adorable, Lisa!! I can't wear heels like that any more, which stinks....I tore up my knee pretty bad skiing in Utah a few years back and had to have it rebuilt - it doesn't like heels now, it gets wicked sore!!

  9. I love your outfits Lisa and perfect for going out on VD. I hope you have a fun day!

  10. I love the heart sweatshirt. Dessert looks yummy.

  11. You look so cute. The Valentine sweater is darling. Such a sweet little cake too. My hubby usually takes me out for a lovely dinner. Enjoy Lisa.

  12. Cute heart sweater!

  13. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day either but the thought and seeing hearts and love all over is very exciting. Your pink heart sweater is too cute and your Valentine's brownies look so yum! I should bake some goodies too! I hope your week is off to a great start!

    Maureen |

  14. Oohh, those booties! I have been having the toughest time finding the right pair of shoes in my price range to complete my Valentine's outfit. I don't think we'll end up going anywhere this year anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter - no time restriction.