So Much Rain

Oh my gosh Betty! It has rained so much here in North Carolina. I think it has rained every week since August. I think rainy days are cozy and peaceful but it has been non stop all this past week with only a few peeps of sunshine when the clouds break up a little. We have flood warnings. I have never seen a flood here other than low spots in yards aound the area.

The temperatures go from 30 to 60 on any given day and we have even had some thunder and lighting. They say 10 days after Winter thunder, snow will fall. I’m not sure about that. 
I try not to complain about what the Lord throws down on us, but I really need some sunshine. 

It’s so wet that that I’m trying to save earthworms around here. Haha. 

Then there was this puddle in the yard I have been anylizing all week through the living room window. I made it an oppertunity to try out my handmade sail boat I made from a peice of dift wood I found on the beach. 

It did float and I had a little fun. Who cares if I looked like a weirdo playing in mud puddles at my age. 

Whats the weather like in your area?


  1. I love it that you are out there in your bare feet!!! That's an adorable photo and a super cool little pond!

  2. Baloney Linda, the girl is in the city,"Put your shoes on Lisa don't you know you are in the city!" Just joking. But we just came in from Florida. In South Carolina near Point South it was 80 degrees and clear blue skies. Two hours later we were here in Belmont to WET cool rain. Every river we crossed was out of its banks. The CAtawaba (normally pretty) was a muddy as its South Fork. WE are here for a funeral, not great weather for that, but life gives us no choice. But great pictures Sailor!

  3. I think you looked too cute and so is your little sailboat! It's fun to be a kid sometimes and not worry what other people think! We have had rain a good part of the week but finally got some sun today. The bad thing is that it came with wind so strong you couldn't stand up well outside...I hate Texas wind...LOL Temps will get cold again tomorrow...we go through those same temperature swings. This winter has been crazy! Hope you are having a great weekend! Hugs!

  4. We had snow in the Los Angeles area (including Malibu)!!

  5. The same here in Kentucky. We have had a lot of rainy days. And windy days, too. Last week anyone would have thought spring had arrived. Sunny and 70 degrees. For two days. Then back to snow flurries and 24 degrees for a few days. Now we are in the middle of a 5-day rain and 40 degrees stretch!

  6. Oh my gosh Lisa, I was so sick of the rain! It is tough to any photos, so you have to sneak it in when it stops briefly. I am happy to see some sun today.
    jess xx

  7. You're adorable, Lisa!! We have insane wind and snow today....I'm praying none of the trees around my house come down!

  8. If it helps, I thought that was a picture of a child playing in the puddle.

    We were vacationing on the Outer Banks this summer and there was so much rain, the roads in Nags Head flooded. That's the first we'd ever seen that.