Woven Slip Knot Bracelet

Holy cow! I just made this slip knot bracelet using a cracker box. Seriously! Just wait for it....

I have been seeing these cute weaved or braided slip knot bracelets online and in stores. During the 80's and 90's, we called them friendship bracelets. They are making a come back and the market is flooded with them.

I knew I could make my own if I could just figure out how to make the slip knot. I used to know how to make all kinds of knots when I was younger. It seems like every kid was taught this in school. Maybe it is some kind of survival technique we will need in the future. But now, I just want a cute little bracelet, so I freshened up on my knot course.

(excuse the blown out tattoo)

I didn't have any wax string needed to get the original look so I turned to some crochet thread instead.
The thread was too thin. I looked to see how I could crochet in some thickness. That's when I came across an idea of using a piece of cardboard cut in a circle with a hole in the center and 8 slots around. The way the string is moved around the board creates a weave that magically comes out of the hole in the center.

Ok, I had to try it, so I put down the crochet hook and ran into the kitchen where I knew there was an empty cracker box that Nick just finished off. I cut and slotted it then headed back to the instructions.

By golly it worked. It was sort of a long process, but it actually created a tight weave using 7 strings of thread. It was so easy a kid can do it. I just suggest thicker string for a quicker process.

After I had the length I needed, I tied if off. I made it adjustable by adding a slip knot and decorated it with a couple beads. I like how it turned out. I also like how it looks paired with my Alex and Ani string bracelet.

Instructions I used for the woven bracelet can be found HERE.
Alex and Ani Bracelet can be purchased HERE.


  1. Wow that is the cutest bracelet you made Lisa. You were so creative to think of using cardboard. Enjoy wearing it. :)

  2. You are so creative! It turned out really nice. I bet my grand quads would love to make some of those!

  3. The bracelet is really nice.
    My son made a whole bunch of these when he was a teenager.

  4. That is a cool bracelet. But I like what your tattoo says even more (if I'm not mistaken, it looks like Faith?....beautiful).


  5. You’re so clever:) Those are cute bracelets. Jilda made me one back when my hair was long :)

  6. You are just the most creative soul, Lisa!!

  7. Wow! I'm so impressed! It's so cute!

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