Best Wax Melts

I few months ago I purchased a cute little electric wax burner for my work office. I'm not a fan of burning candles in my office because of fire hazards in the work place so this works perfect. 
(It's not dirty it's just painted that way).

Once again I logged into my favorite candle shop "GooseCreek Candles". They offer more than just great smelling clean candles, but they also have the best wax melts.

With over 120 different fragrances in the wax melts. It always takes me a while to decide on the one I want.

I have enjoyed almost all of the ones I've tried, but my favorite so far is the "Frozen In Time". It has a clean scent that is not too sweet or floral. There is just something about this one that works well with my allergies. Combinations of vanilla peppermint, frosted grapefruit, citrus, and frozen snowdrops give off an aroma that's comfortable on my sinuses and make me feel warm and cozy all day.
Now if I can figure out how they got the frozen snowdrops in there. ha.

These wax melts/tarts are better than any other brand you can get from a local store. They never lose there scent and stay strong for 50 to 80 hours. I will turn my wax burner off at the end of my shift and simply turn it back on the next day. One melt will last me all week. Everyone that walks into my office wants to sit and stay awhile just to soak in the good smell.

Goose Creek candles and wax melts are made right here in the USA with high quality fragrance that do not include any chemicals. You can to relax in your home or office without worrying about your health.

Each wax melt container comes with 6 wedges ready to use. They are inexpensive and shipping is quick. What are you waiting for? Go check them out today.

Shop for these wax melts and more.

This product was purchased by me, for me. 
Reviews and honest opinions are all my own.


  1. I love wax melts. Candles too. I never heard of Goose Creak. I'll be checking them out!

  2. I have never used wax melts but it sounds like I might like them better than candles. I really like the sound of your favorite scent. I think I would like that one, too. I do not like the floral scented candles (even though I love the scent of real flowers). They are too sweet smelling and cloying to me.
    Have a wonderful day-xo Diana

  3. We burn candles at times, holidays. I do like a fresh smell in a workplace. Good idea!
    overcast and about 70 here in central FL
    Sherry & jack

  4. Have never tried wax melts but am not a big fan of candles anyway.

  5. I love wax melts, too! I love everything that smells good!

  6. i've not tried their wax melts but will now...
    I received my package today and could not be more happy. They are beautiful and you do such an amazing job...I also love the sweet of you to add that to the package. I am sorry I can't blog or FB or IG about these cuties...all my grands read all 3 of my social media sites...and i don't want them to see all the cuteness. Thanks so so much,...and again, no hurry on the others as you have almost a yr to get 6 more. xoxo

  7. I have a cute wax burner in my house, these would be perfect for that! In my office I use essential oils, but not always....thanks for the reminder, tomorrow's a perfect day for oils since 1. it's Friday YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY and 2. I have a wedding tour!! :)

  8. I've never heard of these before but will definitely check them out. I love wax melts because if I leave the house, I don't have to panic if I've left it on (like when I accidentally leave candles burning while I'm gone...that freaks the hubster out big time). I also like the mini-holders that plug directly into the wall like a night light. Thanks for the suggestion on the wax melt company! Hugs!