Homemade Toothpaste with MorningPep Xylitol

I am no tree hugger, but I do believe natural remedies are the best. They are healthier and will save me money in the long run. If it saves trees, then I'll take that as a bonus. With that being said, I've been introducing myself to more natural products lately. I want to be more natural and rid myself of as many toxins as possible.

It is hard to find items and ingredients that do not contain harmful junk in them such as toothpaste. I mean, have you ever looked at the warning label on your toothpaste? There is stuff in there that I cannot even pronounce. Do I really want to use that? It hasn't hurt me in all these years, but really, who knows?

I was just looking at the branded toothpaste the other day and there are warning labels containing statements such as, “If ingested contact poison control." I'm pretty sure we all have eaten toothpaste before. I also read " Do not use more than 4 weeks." So, what are you supposed to do after 4 weeks? Stop using toothpaste? I’ll admit, I do not have real good teeth, but I have brushed my teeth regularly all my life. I’m ready to try alternatives. I believe things are put on this Earth for the good. Therefore, natural is best.

I have been wanting to make my own toothpaste for a while so I began doing some research on natural options and found the perfect concoctions.

One ingredient I used is Morning Pep Xylitol 100% pure natural sweetener (made in the USA).
This sweetener is perfect for coffee and baking as it looks and tastes just like sugar (without the bitter after taste other sweeteners can leave behind). It contains 40% fewer calories than sugar, low carb and glycemic index, making it safe for diabetics. There are also no wheat, soy, dairy, corn, or gmo found in this product. It is also declared safe by FDA.

So why am I using this in my natural tooth paste recipe? Other than adding a pleasant sweetness to my tastes buds, Xylitol also has many dental health benefits. Here are just few just to mention:
  • Starves and kills bacteria for better oral health.
  • Protects tooth enamel as it has the ability of materialization deep in the layers of enamel. 
  • Great for bone health (so remember that when using it as a sweetener for ingestion). 
  • Fights yeast bacteria.
  • It even reduces inner ear health by killing bacteria in the mouth that can cause ear infections. 
Are you ready for the recipe to this remarkable tooth paste using only 4 ingredients? Well wait no longer. Start bettering yourself with this and other safe natural home remedies.

Natural Homemade Toothpaste

1/2 Cup -Coconut Oil (also kills harmful bacteria)
3 Tbls- Baking Soda (for whitening)
1 Tbls- Xylitol (sweetener with dental benefits )
1 Tsp *Mint Flavoring.
*I used pure mint flavoring but you can also use cinnamon or essential oils.

Melt the coconut oil in a glass bowl for about 30 seconds in microwave.
Once melted, add remaining ingredients and mix until smooth.
Place in a small glass jar with lid and let cool completely before using.
(The oil will separate, so I would just shake the jar a couple times during cooling to keep it mix up 
or you can simply mix it before using. 
Either way makes a nice paste)

To use: Dip toothbrush directly or use small spreader or spoon. 
You can also add the paste to a small silicon squeeze bottle then apply to toothbrush. I found my little bottle at the dollar store. It’s actually a salad dressing holder and it works perfect. 

I will be using this MorningPep Xylitol sweetener in a lot of my baking and as a necessity for my morning cup of Joe. 
So stay tuned for some healthy sugar free recipes coming soon. 

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I have been financially compensated for this post. 
The opinions are completely my own based on my honest experience. 

WARNING: Xylitol can be toxic for dogs.


  1. Sounds like a winner. I have added baking soda most mornings to my teeth health for years. I have never heard of Xylitol but we are always looking for a GOOD alternative to sugar.
    We head back south in the morning.... Keep the door closed for another month.

  2. Okay, I'm sold and I've already pinned this toothpaste! I'm with you on those warning labels...who makes up that crazy stuff and if swallowing toothpaste is harmful, then we are all in big trouble...LOL Thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to try it!! Hugs!

  3. You have great teeth. I’m going to have to try this!

  4. I'm intrigued. Not just by the toothpaste, but you say this sweetener can be used in coffee? I just read where diet cola has been linked to heart attacks, so I've been looking for a sipping alternative. I'll have to check out this sweetener.

  5. Wait - you’re not a tree hugger? When you look up the definition of a tree hugger in the dictionary there is a picture of me :)

  6. You and me both!!!! I have been going with more and more natural products lately-partly to see if they help with inflammation. I use stevia for sweetening- made from the leaves of the stevia plant and no aftertaste (to me) and no calories. My hubby uses a toothpaste made especially for patients that have, or have dealt with, cancer.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday- xo Diana

  7. I am impressed with how easy it is to make toothpaste! I will save this idea and try it soon. Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday!

  8. Oh, wow, this is so cool! I have always wanted to cut down our dependence on store-bought products, as a family, and we are getting there one baby step at a time. Making toothpaste at home with no harmful ingredients is such an awesome move!

  9. What a fantastic recipe! We too are using and making more natural products for not only our health but also the environment (less plastic, less chemicals, less toxins) so I love this post (especially as toothpaste is one thing we haven't made yet)! Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday.