The rain finally let up and we have been able to enjoy the sunshine. It has been warm enough for me to slip on a pair of shorts and a tshirt before heading out for our afternoon walk. For a while I thought the tanning be was going to be the only source of rays I was going to get.

It felt good to get outside. We saw a lot of signs of Springs. There were a lot bloomers. Flowers blooming and trees budding. 
The Bradford Pear trees were the first to greet us with there stinky fragrance in the air (I call them fish trees).
I am glad I took my camera with me so I could take some photos along the way.

The Butter Cups (or Daffodils) were loud and proud and I could tell they were wanting their photo taken. 

My Camellia bushes were full bloom. These beauties bloom twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the Fall.  

I had to ask my face book friends what this plant was. I am told it is a “Hyacinth” It was hiding between some bushes in my neighbors yard. 

It was so pretty. I had to reach out and pet this one after I took a photo. It just looked fluffy and needed some attention.

I have an onion garden in my front yard.
The yellow bells (also known to me as a hickory bush) are in full bloom too.
My butterfly bush has new growth and the day lilies and Easter Lilies have broke ground. 

And to think, when you first seen the title to my post, you thought about these.

Come on, you know you did.


  1. Hyacinth has a wonderful fragrance - I usually buy one at this time of year and put it on the kitchen sink windowsill as a reminder that Spring is just ahead - we still have light snow and frigid temps here.

  2. LOL...yes, I admit, I did...LOL

    Love the flowers. Nothing really blooming here yet, but a lot of those flowers will not grow in our part of Texas...the soil doesn't have the right pH to promote growth. I love Hyacinth and love the look of the Bradford bad the smell doesn't match the sight! :-) Hugs!

  3. I am glad I stopped by, I was wondering what the red flower was beside our steps back up there. It is a Camilla and I had not noticed it until we started to leave heading south. I could not miss the Butter cups, they were so bright. BUT but we had to leave them and head back down here (for a few weeks more)
    Love to ya (and St, Nick)
    Sherry & jack

  4. Hi Lisa,
    It's so nice to see that flowers are in bloom. We are still experiencing winter and had snow today. We will not see any signs of spring until at least April.
    Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  5. Wow, it's full on spring in your area, Lisa - what a difference from our mountain top where it's still full on winter mode. We have a big snowstorm heading our way Sunday, sigh. No bloomers here!!

  6. I doubt anyone under the age of 20 know that's what that word means.

  7. So nice to see that spring has arrived early where you live. Beautiful blooms. We still have snow and ice, but spring is on the way. :)

  8. Such pretty bloomers, even the last photo is pretty :)
    Isn't Spring wonderful? It brings a joy to the soul.
    Thank you for all your prayers on our behalf, we greatly appreciate them and feel the love.

  9. Our camellias are blooming too. It was cold and rainy here today. Bundle up.

  10. Those last bloomers look like they'd be comfy, writing in all day.

  11. The Daffodils are so cheerful. I bet it was nice to get a bit of Spring with all the rain you had. These are lovely flower pictures.

    Happy March!


    ps.....we both picked #6 on Diana's blog. How can we pass up chocolate cupcakes, right?