Happy Mail from Cali

My sweet friend Annette is a maker of crafty stuff. She is also another Nutrisystem Ambassador. How cool is that? I love how we can follow and support each other on our weight loss journey and be able to share craft ideas at the same time. You can find her on Instagram under the name "Mexicanstew". Her names comes from her being Mexican and married to a Stewart.
Is that not the cutest thing?
I was thinking, If I created a name like hers it would come out something like "Americandime"

Well, I got my first Happy Mail the other day. When I came in from work there was a package for me sitting on the counter. My husband smiles and says "your popular today". It was from Mexicanstew. I tore into it not knowing what I was going to find, but I knew it was going to be good.

Inside was the most adorable little hand made greeting cards. Now, she had no idea I loved greeting cards, but I do. Especially the ones that are blank inside. I hate shopping for cards in the store and you can't beat a pretty handmade card with a personal hand written note inside.

There was also one of her handmade lotion bars. I will keep this one in my purse. It's good for dry skin and even safe enough to use on your lips. I love lemon smells and it just so happens to be the fragrance of Lemon Grass.

To top it off, she included one of her little draw string bags shes makes.
I have been all over the house thinking of what I can use it for. I will be heading out of town this weekend and will be taking it with me. It could be used for a makeup or a jewelry bag. But I plan to either use it to pack my lingerie in my suitcase or carry a small crochet project in it. decisions, decisions.

You can find items like these in her Etsy shop but you may have to wait until she gets it stocked back up and running.


  1. Happy Mail is the very best kind, as is your dear friend.

  2. Sweet, it is always nice when you get surprises in the mail from friends. I love the makeup bag. That is a great gift but taking the time to make a card was special.

  3. wOW how cool is that? Two crafty people and Nutrisystems enthusiasts also. My eyes said Mail Call, a throw back to the military when mail arrived. LOL
    neat stuff..
    Love from over here
    Sherry & jack (I like that Americandime! SWEET)

  4. What FUN! Don't you love those little unexpected "I love you" things that happen in your life? She sounds like a really good person and I LOVE her name. lol
    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa. Hope you are able to get to the beach soon! xo Diana

  5. What a lovely surprise and lovely gifts. A sure thing to put a smile on your face.

  6. Someone loves you! And she sent proof!

  7. I’m so please you like your “happy mail”! Thank you for the Etsy shout out, I’d better get busy and start listing my wares! Have a fun weekend. Hugs your way ��

  8. You've been having a good week with happy mail, my friend!! How thoughtful of her!

  9. Love your happy mail! What great gifts and I love her name...that is just too cute! I love greeting cards also...I try to keep a supply so that whenever I feel like dropping a hand-written note I have something to write on. No one writes notes anymore, but I just love them and have kept them all. My kids are going to have fun with all of that when I go...LOL Hope you are having a blast!! Safe travels home! Hugs!

  10. You received a box of blessings...handmade items sent from a kindred and generous spirit. The cards are lovely.

  11. Hi Lisa, oh that is so sweet that you came home from work and found all of those goodies from you friend. I love the cards and the cute bag. I know you will enjoy them.
    Hope you have a great day and week.
    Julie xo