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Grow light and String of Hearts

I entered another giveaway on instagram. AND WON. They are always fun. Most of them are small businesses trying to gain followers or show appreciation. They will post a giveaway and to enter, you just like and comment then follow any other instructions on their post. They will do a drawing of those who participate and a winner is chosen. I was the lucky one.  

The latest giveaway was from a two small businesses that worked together for a great prize. One place was called Plantasia The Market. They sale plant accessories and more. You should definitely check them out online. From this business I received a Halo grow light. I will post a photo and link at the end of this post.

The other part of my winning gift was a this cute little plant called “string of hearts” This came from a plant enthusiast on Instagram known as “Plants.Pots.Possitivity”. I love this elegant plant and can not wait to watch it grow. String of hearts is a trailing plant so I needed to find a planter pot for it. 
While shopping at Target, I thought I would go check out the planters. That’s when I found the perfect little planter for my new plant. 

The vines are thin right now but it will grow quickly into a full pot that will overflow with a beautiful pink and green show of hearts. 

My daughter named her Yolonda. Isn’t she pretty? I have not decided if I want to keep her at the house or take her to work. I do not have any sunny places to keep her so she will need to use the grow light often. If I take her to work, I have a large window with a wide window seal to put plants on. I already have a few succulent there and they are thriving. 

This plant is rather rare and expensive so I am a little afraid that if I take it work, people will sneak cuttings from it without asking. There are a lot of plant lovers in my office and plants are a big conversation piece.

I will give you an update in a few months on how well it is growing. Wish me luck that I can keep it alive as my thumb is not a green one. 

You can get your own Halo grow light at

Hat and Mittens

I have had a lot of time on my hands lately. I spend my mornings working out, reading blogs, and applying for jobs. Sometimes after lunch, we will go out a little while and run a few errands just to get out of the house. I can hardly wait to go grocery shopping once a week as it gives me a reason to put on a bra and jeans. Cabin fever is setting in.

One thing I have been enjoying is crocheting and watching Hallmark movies. 
The other day, I entered a giveaway on Instagram and won a skein of Yarn Bee SugarWheel Yarn. I would not usually buy this particular type of yarn myself as it has wool in it and wool makes me break out and itch. This yarn was a wool/ acrylic blend that fade in and out with colors of gray. It was easy to work with. I am now a fan and didn’t suffer any allergic reactions. 

With the yarn I won, I created this cute adult size hat using my favorite stitch called the lemon peel stitch (also called the grit stitch). It consist of a single stitch followed by a double stitch throughout. I love this stitch because it works up fast and has a chunky puff texture. I am currently working on a blanket using the same stitch. 

We have some little elf shoes on a string that we put on the tree every year. One of my daughters favorite things to do is make them the last ornament on the tree. Nick doesn't care to help us decorate the tree, but we always hand him the little elf shoes and he turns around backwards and throws the shoes on the tree. We choose to leave them where they land no matter how wonky they hang. It always makes us laugh. Now my daughter wants a set to throw on her own tree each year. I could not find another set likes ours so I figured I would make her something equivalent. I crocheted her this set of tiny mittens.

She can now make a wish and throw them on her tree like we always do with the elf shoes. 
They were so fun to make, I decided to make a couple more for friends. 

I have also been trying to learn to knit. I am not having any luck. As far as I can get is a few rows before I mess up and don’t know how to fix it unless I start over. I really would love to learn to knit but I have given up trying for a while.

Note: Crochet and Knit are two different things. Crochet uses one hook needle and knitting uses two long pointed needles. Knitting to me has a softer and prettier texture. 

My Win Review

I am a sucker for those Instagram giveaways. If it is something I would love to try, I will enter the giveaway. I'm not just after the freebies, but I really and honestly want to try things. I enjoy writing about products I try and I also believe in supporting small businesses.

I entered a giveaway a couple weeks ago and was so excited to have been chosen as the winner of this darling gift pack sponsored by four different companies. It was like Christmas when It arrived on my doorstep.

Usually there will be one item in a giveaway that strikes my attention. This time I liked ALL of the prizes. Let me show you what I got.

1. I received this darling wide lace leather cuff from New Market Farm House. They are a family owned business located in Southern Indiana.

Their products are all delicately handmade with love and care. They specialize in Faith inspiring, engraved and hand stamped leather key chains that are uplifting and encouraging. You really should go check them out. Christmas will be here before you know it.
I think this one will be perfect for my Fall or Winter sweaters.

2. I am always looking for some good plant based health benefits. One day I might find the secret to staying young, but until then, I couldn't wait to try this BIOHM Probiotic Supplement with Super Greens.

BIOHM is formulated with fused fruits, vegetables and herbal extracts. Rich in probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes that include 31 organic plant extracts. That means a healthy balanced gut. That’s right. It has good bacteria and good fungi to break through digestive plaque. 

Just one scoop a day is all you need to feel super charged.
The direction say to add it to water but you can add it to your shakes, smoothies or any other drinks.
How does it taste? I added it to water and it tasted like a nice rich and smooth herbal tea. I think it would be perfect warmed and cuddled in a cup.

3. I can hardly wait to sit back and relax in the tub with the wonderful aroma of these baths soaks and essential oil roller ball from The Inked Bee. The owner is a mother who has a love for bees and what they can produce. She only uses natural sourced organic or non GMO ingredients.  

With hints of Rosemary, Peppermint and Eucalyptus I will be taken away. Calgon has nothing on this. The roller ball is perfect to keep with me for some easy quick aromatherapy when I need it. Be sure to visit her shop for more great natural products.

4. Last but not least, I love this adorable pumpkin patch shirt by D&G at The Memphis Market Co. I have been wanting a cute shirt to wear for Fall fun and this one is perfect..

This company is a husband and wife team in Southern Indiana. You should definitely check them out as they have the cutest t shirts, sweatshirts and digital files to make your own. I love how soft the fabric is. This is not your typical bulky t-shirt. When held up to light, you can actually see how the fabric breathes for a dry and comfortable wear any season.

Essential oil and bath soak- The Inked Bee.
Probiotic Super Greens- BIOHM with Online Health Coach Stephanie Richie
Pumpkin Patch Tshirt- The Memphis Market Co
Leather laced cuff- New Market Farm House

I am not affiliated, asked or paid by any of the companies mentioned in this post. 
These items were given to me at no charge. 
All content is written using my own honest opinion. 

Finding My Focus

I get my eyes examined each year. (It’s one of the free things I get by giving the insurance company a quarter of my check each month). My eye sight has pretty much stayed the same each year but is declining very slow. I definitely require reading glasses. If I buy them over the counter I’m somewhere between 1.75 and 2.0. I can see fine looking far away.

This year at my regular visit, the doctor wrote me a prescription for both seeing afar and reading. He said I do not really need both right now, but recommends it and that they make transitional glasses that I may want to look into. 

I took my prescription and sat on it for a couple months before deciding to go ahead and get prescription glasses. I went to a place called Americas Best Eye Care. I purchased two pair of frames for 99.00. I just got the "readers" part of the prescription. When I got home with my new glasses I seen online where if I take a photo wearing my glasses, I would have a chance at a $250.00 voucher from Americas Best. 

I entered and low and behold, I was the August Fridays Face and won the voucher! How cool was that? 

Now, I wondered what in the world am I going to do with that much money to spend at an eye center. I already had two pair of new frames that I loved. 
I held on to the voucher in case Nick wanted to use it on his next pair of glasses. December came and it was fixing to expire. He told me that he really did not want new glasses so for me to use the voucher on a nice pair. So I went back to the glasses store to look around.

I decided to go big and chose a pair of Ray-Ban frames and had them put my full prescription lenses in them. This meant transitional lenses. They warned me that it would take a while to get used to and made me promise to wear them for ten hours straight to get a feel of them.

Here I am heading out shopping with my new Ray-bans on looking like a nerd. But I did it. I made it all day wearing these things. 

I really like that I can read something then look up with out peeping over the frames or taking them off. This will make church services easier. Looking down at my Bible, them up at the pastor was uncomfortable with just the readers on.

But then the struggle hit me.

My problem now is trying to find my focus at work. I do a lot of reading, writing and computer work. I am having trouble getting a good reading sight from both eyes at the same time. While one is clear, the other is blurry so I tilt my head a little and it will switch to the other side. It’s annoying but I’m not giving up. They told I would have to get used to them when reading as I am now looking through a smaller space to read. Unfortunately I refused to pay the extra hundred dollars to have the wider vision transition.

Does anyone else use transitional lenses? Did you have this problem at first? I just feel like it’s a never ending battle. I will continue using them here at work and hopefully I will finally find my focus. Meanwhile, shopping in them is fun and perfect for looking down at a price for a second.
Now maybe I will come home with the right size clothes and no price surprises. Haha.

Sweater: Old Navy
Distressed Jeans: Indigo Rein from TJ Maxx
Glasses- Ray Ban from Americas Best
Cross body purse: Ross

My First 5K Run

Saturday I got up bright and early. Earlier than I would on any work day. The sky was dark and the rain was falling. This would be the day I do my first 5K run that I didn’t prepare for.

My fitbit alarm sent me a gentle vibration on my wrist at 5:45am. I was up like Christmas morning. I put on my running clothes and shoes and headed to the kitchen for a banana and peanut butter. I skipped the coffee. Well, I did have a sip but not my normal cup. I didn’t want to have to fight a full bladder.

Nick surprised me by getting up too. “Well, I am going to take you. You didnt think I was gonna let you run 3 miles without being there incase something happend, did you?”  I was so happy and felt at ease because frankly, I wasnt sure of myself either. I had come close to chickening out several times. 

Once we were there, the rain was at a mist. I met up with my friend and we headed to the starting line. We told each other not to wait on each other and do the race at our own pace. “On your mark-Get set-Go! And we were off. 

Mile one- I think I started to fast and I'm already out of breath. There are still many runners around me. I just got passed by a mom pushing a baby stroller. I walked a little to catch my breath before we started down a hill into town. I got enough air to start running again. My friend has already run ahead of me so I stuck in my second earphone so I could zone out with my music playlist.

Mile two- The runners are thinning out more as they are all probably at the finish line already way ahead of me. I continue to walk some and run some. 
I have to catch up to that really old man ahead of me. Im pretty sure he’s in his 90’s. I need to ask him what kind of vitamins he takes or what he had for breakfast! It never happened. Somewhere between me fixing my wedgie and smiling at a camera man, he disappeared.

Mile three- There is no one ahead of me and no one behind me. 

The struggle was getting real.  At this point, I’m wondering,“what in the heck was I thinking?” I am now feeling the sting of a blister forming on my heel. “Am I last?” I was beginning to doubt myself again. I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. 
Suddenly in the distance I could see the building where I started. This gave me hope. I kept on mostly running with walking breaks every now and again. 

(Yes, I had to snap a photo of my view. I mean, you have to know that if a blogger goes running three miles, they have to take a photo. I didn’t stop so it was all good since I skipped stopping at the water table).

I see the finish line- This was like the gates of heaven opening up and letting me in. I saw my husband and the friend that left me behind. I started to feel emotional that I was actually going to finish this! I wanted to cry. But there is no crying in running. That last little stretch to the finish line gave me a rush of energy as I pushed myself to cross through. I felt so proud of myself! Really! I never feel like a winner but this day I did. 

For the record: I was not last. I was somewhere in the middle. I finished in 38:33 minutes which I don’t think thats too bad being the first time ever trying to run. Will I ever do it again? I’m not sure. Ask me again after I get over the soreness. 

Lucky Me

I can't normally call myself lucky. I have the worst luck in the world. I can't even win a prize out of gumball machine. It's that bad.

I entered a give-away to win a beautiful ceramic message board from Botanic Bleu. I will sometimes enter different blog give-aways but never think I will be a winner. I went home that afternoon and told my husband about the give away I entered and already planned a place for the message board if I win.

I was going to go out and buy a little chalk board for my kitchen, but now I put that off because....

I WON! I won the lovely fleur-de-lis ceramic message board.

I plan to use it in my kitchen. Not sure what I will be writing on it yet. The possibilities are endless. I can use it to display a doodle, dinner menu, love note to my sweet husband or daughter, holiday inspriations, or simply to welcome you into my kitchen.

Now, go check out Its a French country home and garden blog that is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside as she displays so many of her photos and decorations. This is just another reason I love her blog. I would love to visit France one day so in the meantime her blog is the closest Ill get.

Thank You Botanic Bleu!