Nutrisystem Week 3- Noticing Changes

Just finished my third week on Nutrisystem. I'm starting to feel the changes my body is taking on this diet.

I know, I know, it seems like all im going to blog about now is Nutrisystem. Nope. I plan to get back to blogging on other things soon but this diet just has me excited and its helping me out by blogging my results. Just keep following me, Ill have some new things popping up soon. 

I usually suffer acid reflux and heart burn on a regular basis. This started about 4 years ago. Anxiety will trigger it but most of the time it was my eating habits. I would either eat too fast, too much or eat the wrong things. I never could really pin point what caused the episodes because it would be different foods at different times.

Well, I'm here to tell you that since I have been on this Nutrisystem diet, I have not been suffering from the heart burn, and acid reflux. I think the foods im taking in are more healthy and balanced. I'm still enjoying all the meals they provide.

Nutrisystem- Chicken Alfredo
Nutrisystem - Chicken Noodle Soup

Im going for another week!  This is the longest I've ever stayed with a diet. I never would have thought I'd be doing it this way but its working for me and im getting used to the portions. Still just buying the 5 day boxes at Walmart. Im just afraid to take that step of ordering a month supply delivered at my door. Im comfortable taking it a week at a time even if it means I have to eat the same meals over again.

Im excited to say I've lost an inch and a half! My pants do not know that yet but the measuring tape told me so. My belly bulge is shrinking slowly. I hope by spring time, I can wear a fitted t shirt and not worry about the spare tire or muffin top around my waist band.


Im disappointed to see I only lost one pound this week. I have to keep going. Maybe up my exerscise a bit. Its just so hard when I work in an office all day and its dark by the time I get home to do any walking. Im hanging in there.

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