Nutrisystem Diet Week 2 - Its Getting Easier

Week two was easier than week one. I'm seeing results already! Last week I lost 6 lbs in just my first week! I'm sure every week will not be as successful, but who knows? I hope so. Id love to be able to lose 30 lbs and get into a new Easter outfit this year.

Again, I bought a five day kit from my local Walmart. It has the same foods as the last kit with the exception of about four different meals. Ive had no complaints so far. All the food has been really good. OK, let me stop right her for a moment and just say, Nutrisystems popcorn is the best ever!!! I would love to just buy the bags alone!! 

I still get a little hungry between meals but there are snack options. I would eat things like almonds, baked kale chips or fat free yogurt. I also bought some of the shakes that are to be used between meals.

I like them. They taste pretty good. I'm not going to say they are absolutely delicious, but they taste better than the Carnation Instant breakfast, Slim fast or the Ensures. Yes Ive tried them all.

I would do things like add a cup of lettuce with my Italian dinners such as lasagna, pizza or rigatoni.
Nutrisystem  Meat Lasagna

I would add a tablespoon of fat free or lite dressing on the side and dip the lettuce into it as a I ate it.  I didn't over do it that way. I'm one of those that like a little salad on my dressing. 

So, incase your wondering what I ate on Saturday and Sunday. You know, those two days between my five day diet? Well, for breakfasts I would eat a pack (about 1 cup) of the Quaker oatmeal granola cereals with warm Almond milk. For lunches I would have one piece of toasted wheat bread with peanut butter and a drop of honey or some Tuna with Jalapenos on top. For Dinner one night I had a sushi roll and for dinner the next night I had fajitas from my favorite Mexican restaurant. This was such a treat! I controlled myself. I only ate half of the plate served and ignored the tortillas, rice and beans. That was sooo hard because I love the rice!

Each week I make sure to add some exercise and drink lots of water.

Here are my results after week 2!

When I first started this diet plan I weighted in at 168lbs
At the end of week one I was down to 162lbs.
At the end of week two I am down to 160lbs.

The weight loss was not as much after the 2nd week but everyone tells me that happens. They say thats why you need to stay off the scales while you diet.
Wish me luck as I start my 3rd week and dont forget to check back on Sunday afternoons for my diet updates. follow my journey here.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you're finding success with Nutrisystem as well. I had no clue you could buy stuff at Walmart!! That's pretty sweet. I hate the scales because for me, it changes like crazy. So it's either don't weigh at all or weigh every day and know that it fluctuates. :)

  2. Awesome! ! Okay, so im gaining some motivation now. Now i NEED to lose and this is something im going to try. The no/low carb diet i was on was hard to do. Keep blogging so i can keep being motivated.

  3. I'm so amazed how many people write the word "loose" when they mean "lose"...

    1. Thanks for pointing out the typo. Ill get that fixed. Ill be the first to admit, im not a great speller and not perfect in vocabulary. Im just a blogger on a non professional level.