Nutrisystem Challenge

Like everyone else, this time of year I want to make changes to myself, set goals and loose weight. I try all year but its January when I feel the urge to start fresh.

I love to eat and I nibble on everything in the house. If its in the cabinet or on the counter, it will be gone whether I like it or not. I just love to eat. Thats why I can not stick to a diet. But I need to do something or I will hate myself even more when it comes to beach time.

After several diet fails, Ive decided to take a chance with the Nutrisystem diet. I did not want to pay alot of money and sign up for the program from the infomercials on TV. It seems way to expensive when I may not even like it or be able to handle the small portions it includes.

Lucky for me, Walmart carries a five day box. With a price of about $45.00, It includes a five day supply of all the meals I need to accomplish a healthy diet while keeping it proportioned. Hey, I sorta liked walking in, grabbing a box of meals and zooming out.

I hope nobody was paying me any attention because I sure didn't feel like no Marie Osmond as I darted out wearing fat clothes and craving a cheeseburger.

Here is what the inside contents looked like. yum right?

I will be eating like an astronaut for a week.

This is what my first whole day looks like.


This is what one of my first meal of the day consist of.

A muffin. A little dinky muffin. However, it does suggest eating fruits, nuts or raw veggies with each meal. 

This leaves my husband defending for himself in the kitchen, but he also likes the idea of not having to come up with dinner plans each night. He is a healthy eater already. He eats lots of salads and nuts and walks at least five miles a day. He has lost a lot of weight already on that alone. I hate walking unless its down the beach and I hate eating healthy. This is gonna starve me.

Along with my diet, I plan to exercise with my hula hoop in the mornings before work. I already do about 15 to 20 minutes each morning so I will just continue. Maybe add more wiggle or something. Its dark when I leave work in the afternoons so its hard to go for a walk. (I know, I'm already making excuses ).
Anyway, I'm weighed in so wish me luck and check back Monday morning at a new post with my update on how the week went.

What is your weight loss plan for the new year? I know ya got one.

Meanwhile, will someone please turn the light off at the doughnut shop?

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