Nutrisystem Diet Week 1 - The Struggles

Yaaayyy! I survived one week of the Nutrisystem's diet meal plan. In my previous post about trying this diet, I said I'd give you all an update. Ill even tell ya how much weight I've lost!

First I just want to say that I am not doing this for the benefit of Nutrisystem, I'm doing this to my own benefit. My reactions and achievements may not be like anyone else. This is just my personal experience on a well known diet plan. You should try it too sometime.

Here goes:

Each day I drank 64 ounces of water and hula hooped for 15-20 minutes each morning. Also, with the help of my fitbit, I tried to get at least 9000 step in each day.

Day one: Its terrible. Don't get me wrong, the food is great but the portions are small. I'm starving! I'm so hungry. I didn't know I could add veggies and fruit to my meals to help me out so I ate strictly just the meals that were given. However, I did add a glass of Fusion energy juice, which I love. My calorie intake for the whole day was 1020 calories. I'm craving bread!

Day two: I woke up with a head ache. loved the chocolate breakfast muffin and my hunger is not as bad this day. I snacked on lettuce, fresh avocado and mixed nuts between my meals. I cant wait til breakfast!

Day three: No head ache today, just sore from hula hooping. Its getting easier. My breakfast this morning was a bagel. I added just a smear of regular cream cheese to it. yum!. It was like eating a steak. I added some oranges and grapes for snacks between meals. I feel like I have just a little bit more energy and the bloated feeling seems to be going away. Maybe Ive lost a pound but I'm not stepping on the scales just yet. Not until the end.

Day four:  Woke up feeling great. I'm starting to like it now. I'm not even hungry, just cold. Its 10 degrees this morning so I enjoyed the granola cereal for breakfast. Instead of milk, I used almond milk and microwaved it for 15 seconds and wah lah, I had a warm, sweet, and tasty granola cereal. I never got hungry before lunch. Today I added some fresh tomatoes and fruit as snacks. I accidentally skipped morning snack. Unbelievable! I also didnt eat my dessert after dinner. It was popcorn today and I was waiting until I had a craving to eat it but the craving never came.

Day five: This is the last day of meals in my box. I feel great but sorta hungry again this morning (I should have eaten that dessert last night). I do feel balanced and satisfied today. I'm skipping the usual Friday night outing to a restaurant. However, I will be going out Saturday and probably cook something on Sunday. Sorta like a treat for sticking to this during the week days. Ill take it easy though and I'm a little afraid and freaking out since I don't have my meals at hand. I will be attending a birthday party Sunday so I have to avoid the cupcakes and pizza but I can do this.

I'm excited at my results so keep reading and find out what they were.

Here are some questions I have been asked.....

What was the best part of this plan?- Not having to figure out what to eat. Its portion controlled too so I didn't have to measure and weigh everything out. Foods are easy to prepare and simple to take to work with me. They do not need to be put in freezer or fridge and take less then 2 minutes in the microwave.

Worst thing about this plan? - Giving up bacon!!!! I love bacon! Also, I hate not sharing a meal with my husband. He is left to defend for himself. Hes not complaining though.

Will I continue further with this plan?- I've decided to do it another week. Im going to take it week by week. I do not think one week is enough to really show accurate results. Sure there are low cal recipes out there but why stress over what to buy and cook when the Nutrisystem meals are right here and ready?

How did the food tastes?- I liked everything. To me, the meals tasted better than any lean cuisine Ive ever eaten and I like those. The meat in the meals were tender and not fatty, none were tough or had any gristle, the chicken seamed to be all white chunks which I like too. I couldn't wait til my next meal. Something different every day. It was sorta fun.

How much weight did I loose?- I weighed in the first morning at 168 lbs. (I don't mind telling my weight. It is what it is.) Wowzaaa!
The morning after my five days, I weighed in at  162 lbs!!!


Everyone is different and weight loss and satisfaction varies with each person. My weight fluctuates two or three pounds from day to day so I'm sure its not completely accurate weight loss but I liked what I saw and it gave me motivation to carry on.

As long as Im doing this diet, I will post my results each Sunday afternoon. So follow me. Any comments are welcome too.


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  3. Nice to learn this diet plan. Your story inspired me a lot. Thanks.

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  5. Starting Nutrisystem soon and this was so helpful to read! The reason I went this route was not having to figure out what to eat!