In Case of Emergency

Have you  really ever thought about what would happen if something happened? I do. I try to keep those thoughts out of my head but as a mother and wife, I always wonder.

Here is a good tip that most of you may already use but if you don't, it could really come in handy.

Most phones are equipped for "emergency numbers" But here is what I did.

If you are ever in an accident or pass out, etc..The first thing anyone will do is grab your cell phone and go straight to your contacts.

I added a contact called "Emergency #s". You can add an "A" in front of it if you want it to be at the top of the list but I'm pretty sure either way would work.

In my emergency numbers, I edited my number types by simply clicking on the word "home, cell, work, etc" and scrolled down to "custom" and changed the name of them and listed them in the order that can be called if the case need be.

I hope no one ever has to click on the emergency numbers but its good to have them with you.
Also, its a good idea not to lay your phone in your lap or seat in case of an accident, they can be thrown around and hard to find.


What is a Tawashi? Other than just a new word I recently learned, A Twashi is a Japanese name for a wash cloth or sponge.

Ive been crocheting some dish cloths and looking for new patterns to use when I came across these cute little washy things. Ta Da! Project!

Here is one I made for myself. I made this one special for dishes because while one side is cotton, the other is made of a more abrasive acrylic for more scrubbing power.

Works great!!! There are so many uses for these little scrubbers.

The spiral ones I made are 100% cotton and they can be used on anything. Even a baby face. You can use them on non-stick pans, counter tops, waxing a car, shoe shine, face washing, dusting, etc.....The possibilities are endless with these cute little things. And the best thing is, once they get dirty, just toss them in the washer and dryer and re-use.

They will last for years and save me some money on those throw away icky sponges I usually buy.
You want one? Can't Crochet? I just might have some of these in my Etsy shop.!
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