Tune In

It’s that time of year again. It’s when a lot of people start their new diets and make new plans to stay healthy. 
The diet commercials are filling our TV stations and the gyms are promoting membership specials. 
Guilty! I am one of those people.

I actually started the Nutrisystem diet on Janurary 5th of 2015. I lost 50 lbs! I was even chosen as one of their success stories. I will not go into all the details again but feel free to click the menu tab at the top of my page and read all about my weight loss journey and short time of fame. 

I’m still eating Nutrisystem but also doing a lot of my own meals now as I maintain my weight loss. This has been a struggle for me especially during the holidays. I tend to make bad eating choices on my own but through Nutrisystem I have learned how to eat healthier and maintain my successful weight loss. 

Speaking of Nutrtisystem. If your up and awake tomorrow night, January 7th between 11:35pm and 11:45pm (EST), tune into the QVC channel as I will be calling in to share a little about my success. So if you want to hear a tid bit on how well Nutriststem worked for me (with a southern drawl), mark your calenders and set your station! 
Tune in earlier if you want to hear other wonderful success stories and catch some great specials to get your weight loss started.

This will not be the first time I have done this but that does not mean it gets easier. I suffer from speaking anxiety. The struggle is real.
I do not know what I will be saying or what will be asked of me. It’s not prerecorded or practiced. It’s live and genuine. 
I get so nervous and tongue tied. I’m always aftraid I’ll say something stupid.  

Wish me luck. Hope you can tune in.  


  1. If only I had a nickel for every time someone broke a new years resolution, or cancelled a gym membership in Feb

  2. Good luck on the phone call. We are very proud to know someone with a success story who 'kept it off'. It is 'sweet' to know the calls are off the cuff on your end, and not 'set-up'. I think most of us reading can sympathize with the 'talk fear', when you know so many folk are hearing the conversation, unlike a friendly phone call. Good luck again! We do not get those channels.. :-(

  3. In her earlier years, my wife was an enormous over-thinker. I'm sending her your meme. These days I use her anal interests to research future purchases...this year will be on-demand water heaters. I'm so glad she loves detail. (how she ever settled for such a seat-0f-the-pants dude like me, I have no idea.)

  4. You'll do fine; I'll try to tune in!!

  5. Shoot...with your cute personality and cute looks, you have NOTHING to worry about...you'll do great.
    Now I am off to make your Cranberry Jelly.....ummmm

  6. Good luck, but I'm sure you'll do fine. We don't have tv so I would be able to tune it.

  7. Good luck Lisa with your call! You'll do just fine! Hopefully I'll be able to tune in to QVC later!