First Snow Day 2018

First!!! I would like to wish one of my favorite people and blogging buddy JACK a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today !!!!!!. Pop over to his blog Shipslog and wish him a happy birthday. While your there enjoy his stories. 
I’d also like to wish a Happy belated Birthday to another one of my favs, Rick of at Life101. His birthday was Monday. 
Go check him out too.
Both of these men are great book authors too!!!

Now for the snow day. Yes we have our first snow day of the year. Finally, it snowed. Our temperatures have been going up and down the past week or so from the low teens to the upper 70s. Its crazy. This morning we woke up to an inch of snow and its not suppose to stop until later on this afternoon. The fellows at the office told me to stay home. We get a day off. Whoopee!! 
Now I am not a fan of the snow, but a day off, YES. I’ll take it. 

I will spend the day doing some house cleaning and if the snow fall will slack off a bit, me and Nick will venture out for a walk. So far it’s coming down like a blizzard so I choose to stay right here snuggled up to a cup of coffee...In my pajamas. I just hope I don’t end up eating all day. 

For the record, its suppose to be back up in the 60s this weekend. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK and RICK!


  1. eek

    it's supposed to get down to 32 here tomorrow

  2. We woke up to snow also this morning, Isn't it pretty! Stay warm!

  3. Thanks for the BD wishes and the shoutout. OH yes we are getting reports from your home town about the snow. A great picture of our 'Snow Girl, GGranddaughter Stella.' loving the snow. It looked like 3-4 inches in Btown.
    The pictures are great, snow makes great landscapes.
    Love ya!

  4. Hi Lisa :) I found your blog through another blogger friend...and funny...I knew Jack way back when when I was an avid blogger in the late 2000's! I think it's cool that you have re-introduced me to him, so I'll be checking out his blog today again. :)

    I was an office manager for many years, and it's true that there is much more to life than making money. I learned the hard way through burnout. But now I'm a happy mountain mamma :) Glad I found your blog. Enjoy your day off!!! Snow isn't that bad! ;)

  5. Happy birthday to some fellow capricorns.
    Stay warm, stay safe.

  6. Thanks for the shoutout Lisa. I've been behind on my blog commenting so I'm doing this on Sunday. It was 70 degrees here today. I think we could have gone swimming :)