Do you ever just wonder why or why not about certain things? I do. Every day I come across something that makes me stop and think, “why?’ I do not have anything else to write about today so just for fun, let me share with you some of the things I often question.

-Why do pajamas have pockets? Is it just incase you get up in the middle of the night and decide to take a trip to Walmart?

-Why do kids wear hoodies in the middle of the summer? Are they hiding something? Afraid of the sun?


-Why do they have the ability to operate on babies inside the womb but Dentists still use drills and pliers? I dread the dentist.

-Why have they never invented a camera for left handed people? The button is always on the right. 

-Why don’t they sell light up toilets? Just ask a man.

-Why do some people take their pets into the grocery store? I love pets but this is just nasty. Sorry. I have seen some stuff. Eeh. 

-Why do people wear socks with flip flops? Free the toes people!

-Why has no one invented resealable cereal bags or potato chip bags? Not everyone is like me and eats the whole bag in one sitting. 

These were just a few. I’m sure you have questioned many things, so now I would love to know your “whys”. 


  1. I gotta tell you I ask some of the same ones. Lately my questions are "Why didn't I think of that?" and "Why didn't I remember that?" Especially remembering turning your auto wheels with the car stationary in sand is a NO NO! LOL
    Hope you have a great day! I did enjoy the post, SWEET!
    Sherry & jack in Florida

  2. Anne Frank's quote is so true.

    P.S. I think they make light up toilet seats. I also think it would not help and I will still be cleaning up all around it. For Pete's sake people, pretend it's a target! 😂

  3. Some of these made me chuckle, Lisa, especially the first one. I wonder about that also! And pets at the grocery store.....freaks me out too. Love the Anne Frank quote, and love her as well. My daughters saw the Anne Frank house on one of their travels, and they said it was sad but that it's something everyone should see.

    Have a terrific week ahead.


  4. Funny and cute post! Walmart that one makes me laugh for sure!(well they all did). Oh the lights in the toilet Carly had one of those they actually do make them, in her sons' bathroom! Yep she knows the reason. Trouble is it didn't work but for so long.
    Pets in the grocery store I don't know about that one for sure. When I ran a strawberry field pets were not allowed state rules, but then again I guess we all know why outdoors what they do...that was a job telling people it was against the law. On that topic I also had to keep people away from tent when I had a great Why to add to the list of Whys: Why would a woman want to sit under the ten and nurse a child that stood at 4 yrs old in public? Sorry I am mouthy today..lol
    Great post now you have me wondering with all.
    I love Anne Frank in awe of her.

  5. Some people need to have their dogs with them in stores!

  6. Socks with flip flops is a big no for me.