Tree Lights [Fail]

We decided to put up our Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving this year. I usually wait until Thanksgiving night to put up the tree. I was ready for a new look. I got tired of the orange and brown colors of Fall. However, I refuse to light the tree for display until after Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of the tree, I had this bright idea (no pun intended) to put red lights on our white tree this year. I thought sparkles of red would be so pretty surrounded by silver balls. Boy was I wrong! If your thinking of red lights on your tree, Just DON’T!

It was so ugly that I could not help but laugh and make fun of my own idea. I really did try to find some beauty in it but I couldn’t. I sat down across the room to study the project. I could feel my nerves bubbling and my head spinning. I could not see the ornaments that were hung on the tree. The red lights were so bright that it over powered everything. 

I walked outside to see what it looked like in the window. It looked like Hells living room. It was terrible. 


I could not do it. I just couldn’t! So I stripped the tree of all the ornaments and then carefully reboxed the lights the way they came and returned them to Walmart. I swapped them out for the clear/white lights. It looked so much better and gives the room a relaxing ambient lighting. The ornaments are now hung in place and there are even a few presents under the tree already.

I feels good to have my Christmas decorations already put up and makes bringing in Thanksgiving more festive. I have a job now where I get to have a couple days off for Thanksgiving so instead of decorating on Friday, I can relax and enjoy the magic feeling in the air.

Do you decorate before Thanksgiving?


  1. Hell's living room. Hilarious. I'm with you. I'm not a fan of the red lights. They do feel a bit ominous.

    I decorate the Friday after Thanksgiving. But I might start Thanksgiving night this year. I'm ready for some Christmas cheer!

  2. That is so funny. I love the picture. I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. When I was growing up, that's when my mom did it and it's stuck with me. We host Thanksgiving for our family so I concentrate on that first. I have finished all of my gift shopping, though, and have everything wrapped, too.

  3. Loved the entry!!! Also the comments above. The picture is great and it WAS RED for danged sure.
    No we do not decorate for Thanksgiving, but we will put up a little for Christmas. We will be back in the Bell town for a few days is December, keep the weather warm until just before Christmas. LOL
    Love to y'all from Florida
    Sherry & jack
    PS: Good idea to switch to the clear lights. ;-)

  4. Sorry about the red lights but I am sure the tree looks beautiful now. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving with your family.

  5. I've had red lights on the tree before. Maybe it's because your tree is white. On a green tree it is pretty. I'll have to send you a picture of our red lighted tree.
    I don't usually put up the tree till about a week before Christmas.