Behide but Moving Forward

Boy I am behind on my blogging. I have just been so busy. If you see my house right now you would know it’s not that I have been busy cleaning. My home has been neglected too. 

I just got a few minutes here at 10:46 at night to type a few words and read a few blog post. I can barely keep my eyes open. I will eventually read through all the ones I follow. It may not be until the weekend but I will get there. 

I have a good excuse why I haven’t been actively blogging these past two weeks..

1. I have been reading my Bible. I am trying to read through the New Testament. I am in Acts now. I have been reading this instead of blogs. I read some in the mornings and some in the afternoons. That’s when my eyes start feeling heavy. They say that reading the Bible will do that to you.
I have to say, “It is hard to read the Bible”. I am a terrible reader and have trouble understanding what I read. Add those biblical words and names and my brain becomes mush. I just hope it’s all sinking in and will come to me later when I need guidance.

2. I started a new job. I have kept hush about this one for a while until I actually started. I started Monday.
I accepted the job offer the first of July and put my notice in at the accountant office on July 5th. My last day there was last Wednesday. It was a nice place to work but I just couldn’t turn this one down as it has benefits. I am now an Administrative Support Specialist with the County. I will be working in children and family services. I think I'm going to enjoy it and so far everyone seems really nice and helpful. 
I can’t wait to go in tomorrow to see what else I can learn. 

I plan to get back to blogging regularly. Life just throws me loops sometimes and the older I get, the harder it hits. 
I need more hours in the day. 

Have you ever read through the Bible?
Do you read the book or use an app?
I have several Bibles in the house but I choose to use the Bible App as I can just click on the app anywhere I am and start reading. 
I love the plans and other features. 


  1. I read my Bible every morning and read it through every year.
    Must have read it about 30 times or so.

    I find if you pray before you read it for understanding it does help. A study guide helps too. Our Paster is great too and explains things so well.

    I have an app on my phone but prefer to read the actual Bible. (KJV) Don't give up - it is well worth it!!

    I'm up to Psalm in the OT and just finished Acts today in the NT.

  2. I am so proud of you! I need to actually read straight through my Bible. I read daily but have yet to read it all in that way.

    Congratulations on your new job! I'm so happy for you and know that all you help will be blessed!

    I tend to now read online but love the Bible reading itself. I guess it is just so easy to read and search with the app.

    God bless you sweet friend.


  3. That is the most special book to read, Lisa. Yes, I've read through the Bible, and I remember reading it more around your age. Things get to be so mixed up in our lives, and listening to special verses really helps. I also say The Rosary, which brings much peace to me.
    Congratulations on your new job. I hope you do well in your new working environment.

    May the August days bring you much goodness, Lisa.


  4. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like a good one!

    I've been reading consistently the Bible since about 2003. Just keep reading it. God will reveal so much through His Word. If I have trouble with a passage I look up commentaries online about it and that helps clarify things (most of the time; sometimes I am still confused). And if you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to email me at I'll point you in the right direction to answer any questions you might have.