Purple Potatoes

Ok, here’s a new one. Purple potatoes. Of course when I seen these in the produce department at my local grocery store, I had to get a couple to try. I love trying new foods. Especially if they are healthy. 

Purple potatoes not only add color to your plate but they have lots nutritional value.
They offer vitamins B6 and C.
They are less than 100 calories each and less than 1 gram of fat. That would register as zero fat on the label. 
These potatoes have more potassium than a banana and better for blood sugar than a white potato. 
Purple potatoes are packed with antioxidants and also helps with inflammation.

I loved the color. The skin is purple or blackish and vibrant purple on the inside even after cooking it. 
I can imagine purple mashed potatoes, purple fries or better yet, purple potato salad. I think kids would love it.

What do purple potatoes taste like?
They are sweeter than the white or yellow potato but not quite as sweet at the orange sweet potato. They have a nuttier, earthier flavor than other potatoes. I thought they were good. 

We cooked them in the microwave until soft then put them on the grill to make the skin tasty. I added lots of butter just like any other potato. We also had steak and veggies. 

It was fun to eat and nice knowing I was putting something healthy in my body. 

Have you ever heard of a Purple Potato? 


  1. Chuck went to a local farmer's place yesterday and was telling me he had purple potatoes. I think we need to get some now after seeing how good they are for you and tasty too. Thanks for the post. Guess we'll be trying them too.

  2. Okay that is a new wrinkle in my horn, LOL. I have never even heard of a purple potato, but you can bet I will look next trip and get a couple just to see a 'PURPLE' potato. You sure find interesting stuff. THANKS
    Surprised over in B-town,
    Sherry & jack (still amazed!)

  3. I love purple potatoes but we find them so rarely here in our grocery stores; often if I'm real lucky I can find them in a small mix of baby potatoes. I love to roast them up with just a hint of oil and salt.

  4. I've heard of them but have never had one.

  5. I used some to make smashed potatoes and they were really good! Louis Dean couldn't get past the color though and varely ate even one.

  6. Wow, I've never seen purple potatoes before. They sound so healthy. Purple is actually my favorite color though haha. Your meal of steak and veggies looks delicious. That's great that you gave it a try and liked them! : )