The Vaccine

I’m getting really tired of hearing about that dern vaccine. I enjoy social media but it seems everyone is attacking everyone over a vaccine. I have had friends ‘unfriend’ me over political views, mask mandates and now vaccine choice. I think all of this should be part of our freedom and no one should be shunned or made fun of for their choice.


I have made my choice not to get vaccinated. I do not have a political reason for not taking the vaccine. It’s a personal health choice for me. I am afraid that one day they will force people to have the vaccine to keep their jobs or get a job. When that time comes, I will have to make a choice, but until it’s forced on me, I will say no. 

People say I’m being selfish because of my choice. No. I am not selfish and I truly believed that if all this mask and vaccines worked I would comply. I have enough since to keep my distance from people and take extra precautions about touching things. If I would ever feel feverish or sick, I would stay home and away from others. I’m a germaphobe like this anyway. 

You say non vaccinated people are selfish, we say people that say these things are selfish. It can go on back and forth all day. No one is right and no one is wrong. I just simply do not want to take the vaccine for health reasons and trust concerns too. I know people that have passed away within weeks of taking the vaccine. There is no proof that the vaccine was the cause of death but those that have died with covid have no proof it was from covid either. I’ll take my chances. 

I work hard to stay healthy. I have not been to the doctor for a cold in 3 years. If I make to December, It will be 4 years since I have had a cold. I never get a flu a shot either. I only remember getting the flu once in my life. I do not take any medicines other than a Tylenol for a head ache or joint pain. I eat healthy and take my vitamins. Why would I want to put an unknown, newly created, half approved so called experimental vaccine into my body? I need proof it works. I want to see the effects it has both short term and long term. Why is that selfish? Why should I be punished for staying healthy?

People say “well you took other vaccines when you were a baby and your fine”. Well it took years to approve those vaccines and they worked! It wiped out the disease (or virus) with one shot. You didn't have to keep taking a booster every year because of a new variant and they were not created or approved within a few months in the middle of a political debate or crisis.

I believe if you think you need to take the vaccine, then you should take it. But if you don’t want to take the vaccine then it’s your choice. If you have taken the vaccine, you shouldn’t have to worry about catching the virus, right? 

My daily vitamins include: D3, Zinc, Calcium, Heliocare, Magnesium, Turmeric. 


  1. If it means anything to you, I agree 100%. Sometimes I like to know that I am not the only one thinking the way I do. Thanks for writing this. Your words sorted out all the thoughts in my head!

    1. Thanks! I was dreading a lot of neg feedback on my post. Glad you get it.

  2. I think in reality you and I must be related! Yes, I agree with you. I too haven't had a cold in many many years, I take no meds except for Tylenol for headaches as you and when like recently I was stung numerous times by yellow jackets I did have to take children's benadryl. Yep the extent of my meds in the well forever. I am very allergic and the extreme times when I almost died it was due to med given in Emergency room or by doctors. I do not nor would I trust anything strange in my body the shots could literally kill me I don't ever take flu shots. Frankly if anyone is sick because of me well let's just say they aren't and won't be. Way too much information but putting it out there as to why I don't - won't take the so called vaccine.
    Some may say, "Dolly you are a hazard to others!" Yea right think again, if you get something from me you are trespassing on my property! That is where we differ you get out safely I have had to take care of sick family members and stay in. I will venture out but you can bet this OCD Germofobe will be keeping others safe I will be the one getting sick if any. ....sorry wrote a book but I totally agree with everything you said.
    There seems to be a huge drug push on everywhere, every website ... Oh by the way I know of four people who've been hospitalized recently with the Covid guess what They were vaccinated. More proof for me to realize they too are spreading the virus by thinking they are safe. I've heard them say they're safe which in fact the CDC told them they would be. sorry for book

    1. Yes, I see a lot of us two thinking alike on your fb post as well. You are my spirit sister. Lol.

  3. I have about decided to take the vaccine after the talk from my doctor who I really respect. I on the norm feel like you do about vaccines, I do not take them. I took the pneumonia only because it was required for my Cochlear implant operation. I do not take the Flu shot. My girl does take the Flu shot because of a TERRIBLE bout with the flu. I completely share her reasoning, as with anyone else.
    I definitely agree that it is a choice, some people are not tolerant. To be honest I do not like nor appreciate the shot being used for political reasons, we have enough political problems as it is. I personally do not believe the shot is EVIL nor do I believe that something is in the shot to kill people as some of my family do.
    If one is leary of the shot due to not enough testing that is a logical decision. It is also logical if one is 'careful and healthy' they are very unlikely to suffer from the COVID. That is too much writing. WE all are free to have opinions or we would be robots.
    That all said, I remember when the AIDS problem first arose I heard someone say within a year you will know someone who has died of AIDS. We did. Now we know 5 people kin and friends who died of COVID. One funeral was yesterday in Mt. Holly.
    Anyway I appreciate the entry and your position, we all know there is give and take in this life, we all hope and pray we make the right gives and takes. LOL
    Love ya the best to Brother Nick.

  4. I believe it is a choice and not something that is right or wrong. I am not getting the vaccine either because I just don't do well with medicine. We are pretty isolated where we live and don't go anywhere where there are lots of people. Church is the only place we go with people and are back to church on FB again for a while.

  5. "People say “well you took other vaccines when you were a baby and your fine”...

    There have been actual problems, though. Maybe not to them or to you, but real problems for real people. Concern is at the very least understandable. I think you are wise to pause and think first.

  6. I came over to check out your muscadine post and saw this one below. You are so brave to post this because I too would've expected some blow back or negativity. When the vaccines started so many bloggers gushed about how they were doing their part to get the shot and how this was all gonna go away. Well, it didn't.
    I am not an anti vaxxer but this one gives me pause. Even though my husband and I actually contracted Covid after having avoided it for so long. The variant has hit our county and our state HARD.
    Even after losing my best friend a year ago 9/4 to Covid and having had it myself, I still believe everyone should have the right to choose if the want a shot or not. Employment, travel, college, and dining out shouldn't require a vaccine. That isn't freedom.
    Thanks for being brave!
    Melissa | Little Frugal Homestead