Prescription Glasses by ABBE

I rely on prescription reading glasses. I absolutely can not read anything that is less than 2 feet from my face. I am a 1.50 in the over the counter readers. They say it comes with age but who’s counting? With that being said, I am excited when I received a pair of prescription glass from Abbeglassses.comI did not even have to get dressed or go out of my house to get them. 


Shown-Lucid, cat & pink, small.

I simply went online to and searched from their wide selection of fun, creative and fashionable designs. The hardest part was making my mind up on the ones I liked best. I usually opt for the darker frames but I wanted something different this time. Once I settled on the frames I wanted, I followed the simple instructions and added the numbers from my prescription, then entered my shipping and payment information.


If you are ready for a new pair of glasses, you can visit for safe and secure ordering. The online store provides professional lens and frames at affordable prices. If reading glasses are all you need, you can get them for the same price as a cup of coffee. 


I admit, I was skeptical of ordering glasses online, but when my glasses arrived, I was impressed with the quality of the eco friendly frames and accuracy of my prescription. They came with a protective case and dust towel. These glasses are light weight with flexible spring hinges and feel great. I love how sturdy the frames feel.

Did you know that most opticians order your glasses the same way? Yes, they enter the specks online and wait a couple weeks for them to be shipped. Why spend hundreds of dollars on glasses when there is a more affordable option? also offers blue light blocking lens, night driving lens, goggles, and sunglasses. What are you waiting for? Visit them today. 

I received these glasses in return for my own honest review.



  1. Nice glasses! You're looking great with it.

  2. I'll check them out. Yours look great!

  3. The more I learn the more I am amazed at what is available. The glasses to look good.
    I think I smile every day I see and receive things coming by mail or delivery. JUST LIKE when I was a kid and saw the mail man bring what mama ordered from Sears and Roebuck...
    From Florida
    Sherry & jack