Out and About

Me and Nick took a little ride. Nothing special, just wanted to get out a little bit since we been busy with all the Thanksgiving festivities.

We are almost done with Christmas shopping. This will be a first for us. We usually are shopping right up to Christmas Eve. But of course, I'm sure even this year, though we are ahead of the game, there will be that one thing we forgot to pick up and will be fighting the procrastinators on Christmas eve after all. Its all fun though.

While we were riding through the neighborhood we spotted a couple teenage girls selling cupcakes from a road side cupcake stand. Sign read "Cup Cake Sale". It was not for a charity, or for a church or fundraiser. I assume these girls were just trying to make some extra money for Christmas, so Nick whipped the car around. I rolled down the window, "Ill take a chocolate and a vanilla" as I handed them a couple dollars.

"You really going to eat those?" asked Nick. We both have this phobia of eating things from people we don't know. "Na, probably not" I said. I snapped a photo while we giggled about it. However, a few minutes later when he got out to pump me some push water into my car, I ATE THEM! They were really good. I handed Nick the trash papers as he just shook his head.

Of course later we ended up at Walmart to get some groceries. I came across this cute tea towel I just had to have.


 I'm a sucker for tea towels. Nick has been very careful not to mess it up as it sits near the coffee maker. I said " I don't mind you getting coffee or tea stains on it". It gives them character. So now it's serves as a spoon rest for the coffee spoons each morning.

I have a busy week ahead including another family dinner this weekend. It's sort of a family reunion mom and her brothers and sisters host each December.

Looks like I'll be doing some more baking.


  1. I love it when folk take the time to STOP at a kid's road side stand. Most times I will say, "I shoulda stopped back there." When I was a kid I sold snow cones. the ice was crushed in a clean sock with a hammer. LOL Folks bought them for a nickle. but back then many folk were walking rather than driving.
    It is good just to DRIVE out and RIDE! (I had to ask my girl what a 'tea towel' was. I was raised under a rock! LOL

  2. Nice that you stopped to buy from the kids. I'm sure it made their day.

  3. I'm a sucker for kid selling stuff. My favorite - World's Finest Chocolates!!!

  4. HaHa! Too funny! My girls used to have lemonade stands, but cup cakes are a first. I feel the same way about tea towels, etc. Stains give them character!

  5. I've never heard of selling cup cakes from a little stand but it's a great way for kids to make money. I LOVE bake sales and always buy a cake or pie from someone I don't know and it doesn't bother me a bit. So, if you hear "bj is no longer with us...she ate a bake sale pie and went straight to Heaven" don't be surprised. LOL
    Both my daughter and I love tea towels, too...

  6. I haven't gotten much for chirstmas yet done. I did get my mother a tablet

  7. I would buy (and eat) stuff kids were selling at a roadside stand. It might come back to haunt me one day, but I would. I love young entrepreneurs.