Eye Clinic- Rant

My insurance usually allows me one free routine eye exam each year. I have been going to the same Optometrist for a few years now but unfortunately he retired. Last year I met his replacement. Also a nice man.

This year I decided to give another eye clinic a try. I have heard a lot about this particular clinic as being voted best in town. So I made an appointment for a routine eye exam. I have no problems with my eyes except the age of them. Can you believe they have gotten older than me?

I'm sitting in the waiting area with many others. My chair seat is rather nasty. Maybe I should leave them my Stanley Steemer business card. 

Unlike the other eye clinic, this one had many front desk clerks. I'm sure each had a job to do. But as I wait, you can hear them giggling and cutting up. I'm not against having fun on the job but not where customers can hear you.

"Mrs.D.?" That's me.
I walk up the front desk.
"May I see your insurance card please? It will be a $25.00 copay and if we find a medical condition it will cost $50.00. You will pay on your way out".

I could see where this was going.

"Mrs.D?" That's me. "Come on back with me please".
I look into the machine at the tiny balloon as a puff of air shots into my eye. Assistant Betty gives me a spoon patch to hold over each eye as she does the eye chart thing with me.

I got all the answers right.

She then applies the eye drops to dilate my eyes and said "the doctor will be right with you.

"Hi Mrs.D, I'm Doctor L. Do you have any problems with your eyes today?"
"No sir, I'm just here for a routine visit to see if I need to go any stronger on my over the counter reading glasses".
He shined a light into my eyes. "Oh you have allergies I see".
I replied: "Yes, I do. I take Allegra for that and my eyes feel fine".
He suggested that I have dry eyes and gave me a name for a good over the counter eye drop.

I've already misplaced it.

"Your all done. Your eyes look good. I do not suggest a prescription lens. Just continue with the 1.50 reading glasses you can get at a local drug store." Then he shows me the way to check out.

At check out:
"Hi Mrs. D. That will be $50.00 for today".
I replied, "I don't think so! Everything was fine."
"Well you have an eye condition". She said.
"What kind of eye condition?" As I look at her like shes crazy.
"Whatever the doctor told you". She replied.
I spoke with more concern, "All he said was that my eyes were fine and he saw signs of allergies."
The clerk then says, "Well that's a condition!"

Lets just say, I got that dropped by talking to management and walked out only paying the $25.00 copay that I thought was going to be a "free" visit. I got home and looked up my insurance plan and sure enough, This year, they tacked on a $25.00 copay. As if 500.00 a month is not enough!
Oh well. That's fine. It is what it is.

I know an extra $25.00 may not seem like much to argue about but I'm tired of everyone taking my money. I pay a lot for insurance and have never gotten a prize out of it. It pisses me off. They need to do something about these places trying to rip people off to make money for their pockets.

Extra $25.00 because I have allergies? NO!
I will not go back to this place and will continue my next visits at my regular eye clinic. At least there, they don't have an assistant doing all the work. The Optometrist actually sits down and takes his time looking at my eyes.

Rant over.


  1. Point well taken! Trickery, I say! I would have argued the clerk down, too.

  2. YOU WERE RIGHT! I would have hit the ceiling, 'He found a 'condition'!! WOW!
    Yes the rant is justified. Amazing that health has become 'BUSINESS', like selling car or cosmetics.

    Anyway good for you in standing your ground.

  3. yes...a MAJOR piss-off...I, too, am tired of everyones hand in my pocket...and my pockets stay pretty empty, anyway....well...I am glad your eyes are good...I am still using readers from the drug store and feel very blessed that, at my...uh....very advanced age, I can do that. :)

  4. That's so annoying! I wouldn't pay 50 either for something so useless!

  5. That is just crazy and I hope you feel better now after your little rant. : )

  6. That's just not nice! Anyways, hope you will feel better after venting ♥

  7. I'm sorry to hear that they tacked that on. I'm glad your eyes are doing well though.

  8. You are not alone. many are frustrated with this.

  9. Eye now what you mean

    I have some frustration over dentistry. I got a 200 something bill from my teeth after what already coughed up and Daisy just got the same deal. How do they miscalculate that?

  10. such experiences are painful .
    my eyes too getting older then me and less doctors way of checkup is satisfactory .
    i think your decision is justified to visit to your regular place .
    enjoyed your jokes so much dear

  11. What they said...!!

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