Some Old Things

We took a trip to the beach this weekend. It was rather nice. No sun, sorta cool but it didn't rain on us until we were ready to go home.

There was a car show at Myrle Beach this weeked. We didnt go because we chose to enjoy the campground and beach the only day we had. But, we didnt have to go far to see some old stuff. 

On the way down we stopped at our favorite half way mark. There we saw a really nice 1960 Ford Starliner. 

This purpleish color was the same color as Fireball Roberts old race car.

As we were walking around the camp ground, I fell in love with this tiny 1959 Metropolitan Nash. 

Somebody had the smart Idea to take an old fire truck and make a fifth wheel camper hauler out of it.

I thought that was the coolest thing.

Cars were not the only old stuff we saw. Im a sucker for the tiny campers. I want a 1960 something vintage camper to play with. But here are two (not so nice) campers but with potential. 

This one looked like a ice cooler to me.

And this one was ragged out. 

I bet it was stinky inside but I would still love to bring it to life with a nice restore.

We left this morning and it was 43 degrees and pouring rain. A camper is no fun to tear down in the rain, just ask my Husband about that. I did all the inside work. He was soaked and numb. We finaly got her locked up and hit the road. 

Im actually blogging from my smart phone as I ride. So excuse any mistakes. Im old myself and my eyesight aint like it used to be.

Here are a few other old stuff I saw on the rainy way home.

Stub nose Ford something. I liked it. I didnt get a shot of the front end because I didnt want to look like a creaper with a camera. In front of him was an old Chevy.
Here is a Chevy Truck

We saw more on the road but im running low on data so ill end it here. 
Happy Palm Sunday.


  1. WOW you did great. Wish I could do that. Blog and post pictures on the go. Sounds like a great time except the tearing down. This MH has less tear down than the tag along, but enough that it is no fun in the rain.

    I seldom attend a 'scheduled' car show. BUT it is such a pleasant surprise when we 'accidentally' run across one. The show on the road is the one that excites me to see the old dudes still GOING!
    Always a good visit. I can almost smell the salt air in one picture!

  2. I like the old trucks!!
    You did well blogging on the move. : )

  3. Thank you for this enjoyable post

  4. I LOVE old cars!!

  5. What fun! I also want a vintage camper to fix up....someday. I can't believe you did a whole blog post in the car on your old eyes would never allow that!! There'd be errors everywhere - great job!