I'm No Coupon Queen

I really do try to shop wisely but I can't for the life of me get the whole coupon clipping and savings to work. I've tried. I even bought a cute coupon holder once so I could collect my savings. That didn't work. It was just awkward to me.

Here's what I go through with trying to use coupons.
  • I have to buy 4 of something to get 50 cent off.
  • but I only need one. Why would I spend another 3 dollars so I can save 50 cent? 
  • just not going to do it.
  • My coupon would be expired as of yesterday.
  • I find a coupon I could actually use, then
  • I'd leave it at home or get back home and realize I had it in my pocket the whole time.
  • I just forget to use it!
  • I'll have my merchandise ready to purchase with my store coupon I found online, or in the mail.
  • But it does not work on sales items.
  • And everything in the store is on sale today.
  • I find a coupon but its only good for card holders.
  • So, lets see, I can sign up for a credit card and save 10% then I can use my 20% off coupon.
  • but then my interest rate on the card would probably be 30%?  No thanks.
Just the other day, I had a coupon for Burger King. "Two hot dogs and two small fries for only $5.00. (I love hot dogs).
I get to the window and they ask. "How do you want your hot dogs? I say "all the way". Apparently that's not a choice. So I chose the one with chili.
With that choice, I can NOT use my coupon. The coupon was only good for the "classic hot dog". I ask, what's the "classic hot dog"? The lady at the register said the classic hot dog comes with ketchup and relish.
[sigh]......Ok, so when did relish dogs become "classic' In the south??

There are couple ways I do save however.

1. Walmart Savings Catcher- I just scam my Walmart receipts and it does all the work for me. It searches other stores and compares prices of the things I purchased. If they find an item cheaper in another store, they give me back the difference. I let it accumulate until I'm ready to use it.
It averages to about 10.00 a month. I then redeem my gift card and go shopping again.
Yes, I have been known to go buggy diving for left behind receipts from other shoppers. ha.

2. I created an account on Food Lion.com ( I remember it being Food Town). I entered my VIP card number so now all I have to do is scan through the coupon link and click on coupons I want to use and it automatically loads it on my VIP card and takes it off at the register.
Now that's my kind of couponing, but even then, I forget to go online and load them.

Do you save a lot using coupons? What is your secret? I just can't ever get one to work toward the best for me. I'm definitely not a "Coupon Queen".


  1. We once went to a formal affair at a hotel with a parking lot under it. Our ticket allowed us to park free in a lot across the street. My husband pulled into the hotel's lot. When I asked him why, he said he was too rich to park across the street. I told him if that was the case, I was too rich to clip coupons--& since that day, I NEVER have!!

  2. Lately I have been using the coupons my grocery store sends to my phone. That I can handle - otherwise if I save paper coupons they always end up expiring before I use them.

  3. I am an anti coupon person. It isn't so bad now with the electronic scanning process, but my mind set comes from days I worked and was in a hurry. Then get behind a person with 50 coupons each one had to be checked to see if the item was purchased, etc.

    I want to scream, WE Americans have been so scammed by SALES that we will buy something we do not want to SAVE. I want to scream, just sell it at the right price.
    Anyway, my main complaint is older folk allowing their diet to be determined by a coupon. My girl loves these. "TWO sausage and egg biscuits are cheaper than two egg biscuits. So throw the sausage away. I cannot do that, so I eat at least half the sausage." Just my complaint today.
    But I did really enjoy the 'comedy you displayed' with the 'coupon' fun! I laughed thru the list.

    Anyway, I ain't a coupon guy!

  4. I don't use coupons because of the reasons you have problems with them. : ) I dislike all those cards that all the stores give out too that you need for the sale prices.

  5. I don't use coupons either for the same reasons you mentioned. I'll buy unperishable items when the come on special. Once in a blue moon, I'll use a promotional coupon that are by the display of goods in the store. I use mostly healthy choices and read labels and a lot of products have so much chemicals and artificial ingredients and additives that I don't bother. I figure that I have already saved big bucks by leaving the products on the shelf.

    Thanks for your comment Lisa.
    Have a great day.

  6. I always hate coupons with terms. Sears gave me one once around xmas time and I ended up leaving my stuff there because they said all my stuff wasn't eligible.

    I can understand one or two exceptions, but when the list is longer than I can memorize, stores should realize they've made a mistake and should have made it a category coupon instead.

  7. Thank you for this enjoyable post.
    My wife buys stuff we don't use because of coupons

  8. I'm not good with coupons either but like you I use the savings catcher. It builds up faster than I thought it would.

  9. I try to sac in many ways but coupons are tough - I never remember to use them until they expire!!!