Jousting Peeps

Its that time of year again. The stores are full of those Peeps. I've never really liked them but I always have to grab a few around Easter.....Ok all the other other times of the year too. They are just too sweet and sugary for me but will settle a sweet tooth real quick. After I eat one, I'm done with wanting anything else sweet to eat and with only thirty calories per chick, this is a good medicine for the cure.

But hey, if you don't want to eat them, go grab your little one because they are gonna love this! Mom always told me not to play with my food but there are exceptions.

My Daughter had told me about this funny little game and I was ready to try it.

First we grabbed two peeps. Then we put a toothpick in them. (They say that the bunnies do better but we only had the chicks).

Let the fight begin!

Put them in the microwave for about 15 seconds (take out the turn table. You want them to stay in one place). As they rise, one will end up stabbing the other and that peep wins.

Pink wins!!!!

Cute huh?
Go ahead try it! I know you want to.


  1. Oh I love peeps, but yes, only can eat one at a time, they are very sweet. I found some the other day in the package that my husband bought for me but I wasn't supposed to find them yet! : )

  2. That is funny. Never heard that PEEP trick.

  3. Have you tried putting the chick on top of the bunny & making true jousting peeps?

  4. fun, appreciate you sharing.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA.. You are one surprise (after another!) I did break out a smile even with a bandaged head!