DIY Cup Sleeve

Thanks to one of my bloggy friends, I've learned that the word for those paper coffee sleeves are called a "Zarf". Thanks Fran, did I just sound smart?

Well, forget those old paper cup sleeves that turn into unwanted trash. I'm introducing my newest idea that's completely washable and reusable day after day.

Shirt Sleeve Cup Cozy

These would make great gifts for your kids that have gone off to college or moved away. They can have have a piece of daddy's shirt to take along with them and keep them cozy while they relax with a cup of coffee or tea.

If you have a boyfriend or husband you want to keep close while they are away. This is a great idea. Not only can these cozies be sentimental, they are very useful and will be the talk of the coffee shop.

You do not need to do any sewing or gluing. Nope, just simply carefully and neatly cut the cuff off a mans shirt. It needs to be large or extra large. You can try it on the cup before cutting it off the sleeve. If your a seamstress, you can nifty the edges up a bit but I like them better with the distressed and used look.

I suggest using a flannel shirt because of the thickness and non-slip texture. Just slip one in your purse and and forget the cardboard. This works just perfect for protecting your hands from a hot cup. 

No matter where you are, you can squeeze the love out of his shirt sleeve. Its like holding his hand.

Now head to the closet and steal a shirt. Anyone can make one of these in about two minutes.

Don't want to make one? I have a set ready to go in my Etsy shop.


  1. I haven't said it before, but I like the name of your Blog.
    I always smile when I see an idea that is so simple I think,"Why didn't I think of that?" i.e. the weed eater. The many times I have hung a strip on a drill and see the damage it can do, I shoulda thought of that.
    I said that to say I admire your insight-fullness. Another neat creation. I like it.
    Sending love from the other side of the South Fork.

    1. Thanks jack. I could write a whole nother blog "from the office chair" but it would be a lot of complaining. Ha! Its hard not to mention my work days but sometimes it does slips in a post hear and there.

  2. What a super cute idea!!! Love this - pinning!!

  3. I love your cute DIY cup sleeve you made!!
    Thanks Lisa for joining and sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Enjoy the week and we hope to see you again.

  4. This turned out so cute!

    I would LOVE for you join and share this at my DIY and Recipes FB Group:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!