Which Waffle Maker?

It could be dangerous for me to have a waffle maker. I love pancakes and waffles but have never owned a waffle maker. I love all those waffles in the frozen food and bread isle but I refrain from buying them because I have a notion to eat the whole box. Making them myself would be more fun and I can add lighter ingredients without all that preservative stuff added.

I really want a waffle maker. But is it possible I'd ruin my diet? Or would I use it a couple of times then store it away?

There are so many recipes for things you can make in a waffle iron that are not waffles at all. I think I need this in my life.

My problem now is, I'm not sure which is the best? I don't want to put a lot of money into one just in case I really don't use it that much. But we all need one right? 

I looked around on line and noticed there are two kinds. The regular clam type and the flip type. This confuses me. Why would you flip it? Doesn't the clam type get the same temperature on the top and the bottom? Same with the flip one. I'm leaning toward the flip one because it looks easier to clean, but really? Is the flipping necessary?

Just crying out for a little help here. If there are any waffle masters out there, please clear this up for me. What is best to get and why?


  1. I have a inexpensive clam type that I have had for years. It does get brown on both sides no problem at all. The key is to spray with Pam so they don't stick - so yummy!

  2. I got one last black friday but haven't used it yet

  3. Problems? After Arlene got tired of ways too make waffles, came things to put on them

  4. I have a waffle maker and use it all the time. It's a Toastmaster and makes 2 square ones at a time. They freeze good too and then you can just put them in the toaster.
    I spray with Pam and don't have a problem with anything sticking. I
    learned not to overfill and just use 1/4 cup batter per waffle. : )

  5. I prefer waffles to pancakes, but we do not make either often. The Waffle never. I am not sure if we have a waffle maker handy in the motor home. When we have waffles they are from Waffle House. LOL.
    Your logic seems right about the temps! But I am no help at all.
    Turned cool here near Mocksville.

  6. We wore our waffle maker out. We love them but we didn't eat the ALL the time. But they are a greT treat on Sunday mornings.

  7. My sweetie got me a dual one that flips - it's great because we can make two at one time. If you get a single it takes so long to make the second one you don't end up eating breakfast together!