Another Book Read "Remembering Big"

I've mentioned before, I'm not into reading. I hate to read. I failed literature in school over and over and over. I was always in special reading classes. I just never understood what I read. By the time I get to the end of the page, I forget what the beginning was about. Reading just never interested me.
However, I have no problem reading news articles, magazines, blogs or bulletins despite the fact that I've been called dyslexic before by my optometrist.

I have been working on my reading for the past few years. I have tried to read a book hear and there and I started this blog so I could sharpen my skills, spell correctly and put stories together. Between me and spell check, I think I've done a pretty good job.

I'm sorta ashamed to say I have only read four whole books in my lifetime. Not counting the Dick and Jane books from elementary school. Another reason I always failed in English and Literature.
I will say, reading is getting easier and I actually enjoy it at times.

Today, I read Remembering Big by Rick Watson. He is one of my blogging friends and I really enjoy reading his post. You can find his blog at "Life 101". I was excited when my autographed copy made it to my mailbox.

My plans to read it on my short beach trip failed when it was a wash out. So I settled reading it behind my desk.

I was caught up in "Remember Big" from the very beginning. It was full of several short stories. That's my kind of book! ha. Even though there seems to be about a twenty years gap between us, I could still relate to many of Ricks stories from the paddlings to burnouts, to playing hooky to keen hickory sticks. Some of the stories made me laugh and at least three of them made my eyes wail up with tears. It gave me the feeling of sitting in a porch swing and talking about the good ole days. It was an easy book to read and I didn't even put it down. I read it straight through. That was a first for me.....and a slow day at work.

Rick, if your reading this, thanks again for the book. The Medco Pharmacy story made my coffee come out of my nose. And I take it your a Chevy man.

You can find other books by Rick by visiting his website HERE.


  1. Reading was always a chore to me. I was in my upper 50's before I read my first serious Novel. It was a humungus book,Executive Orders, by Clancy. Since then I have read thousands of books.
    Reading is an 'acquired Love' for most folk, not natural.
    I loved Rick's book also, he is an excellent writer who takes you where he IS! I like his style.
    Very good entry!

  2. I have a similar problem. Complicated plots weird names, and long chapters throw me.

    I have to give Rick's book a shot, I do like his blog.

  3. I love the way Rick writes--his blog & his books!!

  4. I can't even imagine not reading books. I've loved to read since I first learned in first grade.
    Glad you found a book that you could read and that you liked. Maybe it will be the start for you. : )

    1. Ive read Shades of Blue, Safe Haven, MaryAnne, and Remembering Big. Enjoyed them all.

  5. Rick, you are very lucky,
    Very enjoyable, thank you for this

  6. At least you can write well. My brother is dyslexic and he writes like he has down syndrome. This is not an exaggeration

    1. I have been known to write a paragraph that only I understand! haha. I catch my mistakes after the fact and continuously going back and fixing things. Spell check is a life saver!