Shamrock Eggs

It's March!
March excites me because Spring will be here soon! But first, we have St. Patrick's Day. I'm not Irish but I love the whole fun of this traditional holiday.

I made some Shamrock eggs to share with you. 

These would make a great breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. I'm actually eating them today because I traditionally eat a bowl of Lucky Charms on St. Patrick's Day morning. We will then do a corn beef brisket and cabbage for that afternoon. In-between that, Ill be working. 

The way I did these little clover eggs is, I cut a bell pepper in rings, just straight through. They come out in the shape of shamrocks. Cook huh? Then I placed them in a greased frying pan and let them cook some while I whipped up me egg.

Then I poured the egg into the pepper ring. I let it continue to cook at this point. When I figured the egg was done halfway through, I flipped the pepper to cook on the other side. Yes, the eggs leek into the pan a bit but thats fine. Top with some cheese and you have a healthy breakfast with a serving of vegetables. 

Pictured with the Nutrisystem chocolate frosted doughnut.

I enjoyed these! I will do this more often. They were full of flavor! 

This weekend I will add some green decorations to the house and find me a green shirt. 
Now if I can just get some green in my pockets!


  1. Well I never! What a great idea, Imma do that when we get a bell pepper, St. Patty's or not. I seldom eat eggs, but I had two for supper last night. Now I want to eat some pretty ones.
    THANKS for a neat idea. U B Full of 'em!

  2. Wow, love that idea. I will certainly give it a try.

  3. Lisa, You have some of the greatest ideas about everything. I enjoy your posts. I'm going to "fix me some shamrock eggs." Happy day to you.

  4. Great idea, thank you for everything

  5. Wow what a cute recipe to make eggs this way! Thanks for this great idea! Hope you have a wonderful day and week.