I voted

Early primary voting is now open here in NC  We always choose to vote early because we can just go together on our own time. I sat during breakfast and looked over the sample ballot one more time.

We had to wait in line for just a few minutes for the doors to open. I guess you can say we were early to early voting.

It seems the older I get the more I pay attention to the debates and direction our nation is going. Its really been a circus this time. It's definitely not as boring as I've remembered. They are really making a show out of it. It has been ridiculous at times and quiet embarrassing. The media is just as bad.

Choosing someone to run for President should not be this complicating. They seem to care more about their numbers than what they want to do for the country. I want someone who will make the USA a better place to live in. Clean it up, bring jobs in, build a stronger military and fix this darn Insurance. I don't care what silly things they did when they were in college or how big or small ones hands are. I just want someone who will do the right things. I also want someone in office that is Bible lead. I just can't find it all in one package here.

I honestly did not make my final choice until I was at the door of the voting booths. I was torn between two. One man has great plans and would fight hard to accomplish them. I think this because this man would hate to be proved wrong. Then there is the other that seems more compassionate and would get more people to reason with him.

After coloring in the little circle, I'm satisfied with my choice. Me and Nick both walked out feeling good. We looked at each other and announced who we voted for. We had the same idea. Then we snickered at ourselves like mischievous little kids. 

Now I will sit back and see who will be on the main ballot in November. I cant wait til its all over and we can get back to watching Andy Griffith reruns. 



  1. The military budget is out of control. We already have a strong military. The United States spends more money on the military than the next 10+ nations combined. Reagan started this trend, and nobody's been able to break this since. And we wonder why the national debt is as high as it is.

    It's a shame Andy Griffith never ran for public office. He could have easily became Governor of North Carolina, and perhaps president. I did appreciate him endorsing Obama in 2008. It's a good to know there's more than one Southern democrat. Tim McGraw is another one, I really hope he runs for Governor (or Senator) for Tennessee one day.

  2. We vote this week and I still don't know who I'm voting for!

  3. I came around last night, tried two comments and both were submitted and just disappeared. Weird.
    NOW: Glad the voting was done. We voted too early last season in the primary in Florida and buy the time the primary care around, our man had dropped out. I haven't picked a winner in a few years. I am not sure who will get the nod (or curse) this time. BUT we will VOTE.
    This is the greatest country in the world, with all its warts, scars and shames. WE WILL SURVIVE because life is good here and we want to live, love and be happy in a safe environment.
    Smiles from across the South Fork

  4. I hope you don't mind. I shared this.
    Thank you for this

  5. It is really hard trying to pick the right person.
    I agree with all you said.

  6. I'd vote for Andy. But you're right. It's not an easy decision. I prefer to keep my choices private so I don't spread rumors on Facebook.
    Election season is grueling for this country because most people want similar things, but think different people can make them happen.
    I voted as well.

  7. hahhaa, you are so cute.
    We voted early, too...and I go to sleep most nights watching Andy reruns....:)

  8. O, and I am following you thru Google Friends connect. :)