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What Next?

Friday afternoon on my drive home from work, I was in a different world. The road felt long and I didn’t even notice others passing me by. I wonder if I even stopped at the stop lights or just drove straight through them. I’m not even sure my radio was playing.

I finally made it home and pulled into the carport. My husband was standing at the door waiting on me like he does every day. I walked in and lost it. He wrapped his arms around me and held me. He knew what had just happened. After a moment I fixed my makeup before heading out for a date night birthday dinner. 

After 26 years, my job came to an end. My boss (who is retired and I haven't seen in years) came in and told me he had to let me go because he had sold half the franchise and could not afford to pay me anymore.
I held strong as I could as he explained his reason and fed me a lot of bull snot. He said I would be getting only a couple weeks severance pay and even told me he was gonna bring in another girl to take my place for half the pay. That hit a nerve. It was an insult to me as I was a dedicated employee. I needed to work and was grateful to have a job. I could barely hold it. I have never laid out sick, I Even worked on family funeral days and logged in and worked while on my vacations. Simply because I cared about my job. I worked hard but I was also comfortable, and made a healthy paycheck.

I did all the office, personnel and administrative work. The owner knows how to do some of the work I did and I assume he will be training a new person soon. I’m sure they can do without me but he will now see just how much I really did once it’s not getting done. 

Despite the happy post I made over the weekend I have been on one big emotional roller coaster. I do not know what to do with myself as I had put everything into my job for 26 years. That’s almost half of my life. It’s scary. I feel like all my dreams in life will only be dreams. But then again, my dreams didn’t include working at that place all my life. So maybe this is the start of something good. I will just have to have faith. It feels weird not getting ready for work in the mornings. 

What Next?
Honestly, I have no idea. 
I have already put in a few applications online. I have been turned down by some and hope to hear back from the others. I also will be heading up to the community college this week to get some info on taking some classes and if I can even afford it.

On a good note, nothing right now is holding be back from another beach trip, and when I go, I will not have to worry about catching up on my work load.

Sorry for the depressing post. I usually refrain from posting sad or bad news but it felt good to let it out here on the blog. I will be fine. And if you pray, say a prayer for me.

How Do You Handle The Negative?

We all know people that are always negative. Those that kill your mood with negative and pessimism.

I turn on the Internet and TV and all I hear is negative news, complaining and conflict! I decide to Turn on music instead. I log onto my social media and all I see are negative post and stories. I will hide these people from my view. But then I think being positive is not ignoring the negative, but instead, overcoming it. But how?

What about family members or friends that can never find anything positive to say? The ones you love and want to see do better, but unwilling to better themselves and continue complaining about it. No matter what you say, they come back with a negative remark. They will always find bad in everything good. They hate life and dwell on bad news.

I know a person that will complain about their weight but instead of listening to my advice, they return a photo of themselves eating a dozen donuts or a pint of ice cream and think its funny. people will do this to discourage you from reaching your own goals by trying to prove it's not possible.

What about that person that hates the way they look? No matter how you convenience them they are beautiful, they get mad at you and call you a lair. They simply will not accept a compliment. So you snap back and tell them before anyone else can like them, they have to like themselves. This is true fact by the way. I get tired of wasting my time trying to change someone that is not willing to change themselves.

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I am proud of myself for losing 50 lbs. But it does not always come with sparkles and rainbows. I more often walk into a room and hear people say, "you make me sick" or "it must be nice to be able to lose weight", than hear anyone congratulate me. I have to remember to smile and hold my chin up. It took a lot of work to get where I am. I refuse to let them bring me down to their level of unhappiness.

Negative people will suck the optimism right out of you. They wonder why they do not have friends and its because the heave a reputation of always being negative. No one wants to be around that.

I have decided to limit my exposure to these kind of people.

How do you handle negative news or negative people?