Signs of God's Love

Most of us will get up from our warm beds, rush to have our breakfast and get dressed. Then we will step out into our garage and into our car. We will rush onto the busy hwy and head to work and not pay a bit of attention to the nature around us.

A lot of us are stressed and worried. But God has a way to show us signs that he loves us if you just be still and look sometimes.

One day as we were walking down the beach, there were millions of broken sea shells scattered around the sand like broken pottery. But then ONE catches my eye.  The heart is a sign of love.
Only one way it could have gotten to that spot at that time for me to see.

A few days ago while walking. Me and my Husband was talking about news and how bad the world has gotten. Then I look down. On a dry sunny day, There was a wet spot in the road. It looked like a heart to me. I took it as another sign. To be still, and know God loves us.

After a stressful day at work. I finally get  a chance to leave for lunch. Sitting at the stop light I look up to yet another reminder.

A couple of weeks ago was a little stressful due to my Daughter having another car accident. Everyone was ok and it was not major but it did put her car out of commission and we had those "parent" things to do to get everything back in order. On our way home after feeling like everything was crashing down, I look up , again at just the right moment. Gods love shined as the sun set.

Every day is a new day. If you just be still and look around, you will find signs of love in this world not matter how bad things seem to be. He shows up in many ways but the hearts were just my examples.
His was, Is and always will be.


  1. Thanks for dropping by and voting. I hope you had a loving weekend.

  2. Nice, thank you for bringing this to us

  3. Thanks Lisa. These pictures are super sweet. I especially love the wet spot on the road. You bring about a nice point that the good in life is up to us to find. Our perception or interpretation of love in the world is what really makes it real. Every day really is a NEW day - you're right. And we all have another chance to see the love that we choose to see. Thanks for your share.

  4. I love the idea of this post. Last fall while I was walking, the sun highlighted an autumn leaf in the shape of a heart. It made me stop and think.


  5. You never disappoint here at your house. Oh how much better off we would be if we did stop to 'Look for the heart' or smell the roses.
    We are here in Belmont. we drove in on a wing and a prayer, thinking of how blessed we are.

    Good STUFF here.