Melted Moon Pie

I try so hard to refrain myself from eating a lot of sweets. I've finally taken control of those craving. 
But sometimes we all just need a little something to hold us over that's not full of calories. We all get a sweet tooth every now and again.

Well, there is a quick fix to a sweet tooth. A Moon Pie! Its cheap, only 152 calories (for a mini) and you can find them in a variety of flavors.!
I have never liked Moon Pies until my husband suggested I put one in the microwave and, wah la! after about 15 seconds, the cookie was soft, and the chocolate marshmallow goodness was melted and ooey gooey.

Chocolate is best if you like chocolate cake.
If you like banana pudding, then try it with a banana flavored Moon Pie and it taste just like warm banana pudding.
Give it a little extra sweetness by adding some whip cream to the top.

And don't forget the RC Cola



  1. I don't think I could buy them here, but that sure looks yummy :-)

  2. Funny you mention the Moon Pie, I never cared for them either, and I was raised during the RC Cola and Moon Pie time. But if I was a sweet eater, Imma thinking I would like the heated ones. Never thought of that. ;-)
    I admire your will power. You have encouraged me to lose 5-6 lbs so far and I am shooting for 5 more.