Oh Windy Day

If you live anywhere on the right side of the map, you have probably experienced lots of wind in the past couple days.

I'm not complaining because I love storms. Sitting at the table enjoying my banana nut muffin and omelet, I can see the clouds rushing past the window. Its dark and stormy looking and my phone is alerting me there are tornado warnings in my area. 

The weather is warm at 57 degrees. The wind is high. I close my eyes and the wind sounds likes ocean waves pounding the beach. My mind drifts away. Do I really have to go back to work?

There are a couple of trees across the road that look as if they can blow down any minute and wipe out the power. The limbs fall to the road like spears of a Spartan. Remarkably, they stand tall and strong despite what mother nature throws at them. 

Between the clouds and bursts of wind the sun shines bright and rainbows appear. This is expected to go on another day. So far no tornado but the clouds look mean.


  1. thank you for your thoughts

  2. I noticed the high winds. We rarely get them in summer when we need them