I love Him

Happy Valentines Day!

Since its a day to celebrate love, I decided to write about the man I love.
My best friend, My Husband. The person I get to annoy the rest of my life.

One Valentines Day I made him a little pocket size book he keeps in a safe place. Inside that little leather covered book, I wrote one hundred reasons that I love him. Yep there are exactly a hundred sappy, sweet hand written pages. It was not hard to list them and I could possibly think of one hundred more.

We have so much fun together. I mean of course we've had our arguments disagreements and will get on each others nerves every now and again, but even in those times, we have fun with it. He knows how to turn my frown into a smile. He tries to relieve my stress and say things to make me feel better in bad times even though his pain and stress is probably more intense than mine. He puts me and my Daughter first always. I love him.

He prepares my coffee before I head to work each day, then he warms my car up on a cold Winter morning. I love how he randomly sends me a text every single day just to say he loves me and asked if I'm OK or need anything. Yea I'm spoiled.

He is always home by the time I get off work each day and greats me at the door. Sometimes he's making quirky faces at me as I pull into the carport. Then we embrace into a big hug or sometimes its just a pop on the bum bum. Then its dinner time and we will sit at the table together to eat and talk about our day, complain about the news or just make googly eyes at each other, it don't matter. Just being together makes us happy. I love him.

Afternoons are also times we will go for a walk and do more talking and joking around with each other and at the end of the day, we will often chase each other as we race down the hallway to bed, then laugh and joke some more. I swear, our life could be a sitcom because we are so silly and comical at times. We always have a funny come back at each others remarks or actions. I just love him.

He takes care of me. He knows what every expression on my face and sigh I make means. I never have to want or go without anything. I'll say it again.."I'm spoiled". 

We do not have a lot of money but we are rich with love. We will be married 22 years this year and everyday is like the first. Can you believe, we have never spent one single night away from each other? That's right. Not one single night. He still gives me butterflies when I see him and at times I just cant keep my hands off of him. He makes me feel safe and most of all Loved. I love him.

Tonight we are planning on having nice dinner. Im thinking either a fancy sushi restaurant or steaks on the grill and chill at home.

Every day is like Valentines Day. Love is always here.

He loves me.


  1. Ahhhhhh, this is so sweet. I love it when 'kids' are still in love after years of marriage. I smile big time, when I read of your love for HIM. I just know he loves you in return. So Happy Valentines day to you both. (I love the little quote using annoy!)

  2. Lisa, that is one of the most beautiful posts about love that I have ever read. It presents a love that is pure and sincere with a sprinkle of spice. I am so very happy for both of you. It would be lovely if our world had more love stories like you shared with us.

  3. Well done thank you for this

  4. this is just about the sweetest tribute to a husband i've ever read. i thought maybe you were newlyweds and then i saw you'd been married over 20 yrs.
    you both are blessed and i'm sure you know it.
    xoxo happy valentine's night....xo