Poor Rich People

I don't know about you but i'm sick of hearing the "poor poor pitiful me" stories of those that say they are broke. If anybody is broke, its me. But not really. Sure I do not have any money to buy the things I want but I have the money to buy the things I need.

That's not poor. That's blessed.

People make themselves poor. For example:
They can't make that car payment because they choose to have an expensive vehicle.
They are behind on their house payment because they choose to have that new fancy cell phone.
They can't afford to buy groceries but choose to eat out twice a day.                 
They are getting well fare and food stamps but yet choose to keep having children.
They cant settle for nice clothes on sale at Old Navy, They have to have that name brand shirt from the mall.

I call these kind of people, "poor rich people" They are really rich and make themselves poor.

I know adults over thirty five that still live off their parents.
I know people that keep adopting pets but cant afford to get tires for their car.
I know people that choose to have their hair and nails done at an expensive salon but cant pay their power bill.
I've seen people borrow money from someone then turn around and buy that person an expensive present for their birthday or Christmas. ?? That really burns me.

Peoples priorities are just twisted. They let their wants come before their needs. Simple as that.

Someone once told me "Ya'll must be rich. Ya'll go to the beach 4 times a year, have a camper, put a child through college, and your car is almost paid off.

Dear that person;

My paycheck is smaller than yours. 25% check goes to pay my health insurance.
10% goes to tithe. and Lord knows how much goes to Uncle Sam.
I make sure we have enough food to get us through the week and we eat lots of leftovers.
We do not have a large screen TV. Just a small one that works fine. Nothing fancy.
My furniture is mostly used with the exception of our sofa and a recliner which we saved for months to have enough money to buy. We currently do not even have a bedroom set. But the mattresses on our bed frame is working fine until we can afford it. And ill mention too, its just a full size bed, not a King. The linens are cheaper that way and we love the closeness we get during sleep. 
We can go to the beach and stay in our camper for a week cheaper than two days at the Hilton hotel in which you think you have to stay at. Most of my clothes come from the Goodwill. A lot of them are name brand and I make sure they are cleaned. You never knew that huh? I found a great hair stylist that's not too expensive. Sometimes I color my gray myself with a box color and it works just fine and I do my nails myself unless Its for a special occasion. With the money I save on lesser needs, I am able to drive a nice car, not an expensive car, but a nice new one with low payments. Other than the car and house, our things are bought with money we save. It may take a while but its greatly appreciated when it happens. We do not allow ourselves to charge things we cant afford only to put us in too much debt to enjoy it. Also, we don't own pets. They can cost as much as children and they are more of an option. You say you wish you could have a new dress for church? How about this week you don't buy that outfit for your dog and get one for yourself instead.


People choose their lifestyle but some need to live more simple. They let the world run their lives and spend to much time and money to keep up with it. Nobody is rich if they reflect on material things.
Rich is where your heart is not your pocketbook.


  1. My type of people! We have lived a long time and never tried to impress folk. My best clothes, the clothes I love came from yard sales. I hate it when they wear out. I have decided other folks can pick my clothes better than I. WE are at the point we can afford about anything we would want. WE own several nice homes, but live in this motor home (off the rent). WE presently can stay in Florida all winter for less than $500 including utilities. WE planned, Quick story: My friend and I were in the same business building. He always drove a Jaguar, his wife a Lincoln and he had an office uptown Charlotte.
    We drove 2nd hand cars and I worked out of my old pickup truck and our home (a nice home). I urged my son to go work with Pete and learn how the big guys did it. He never did. Friend Pete passed away a couple years back. I was SHOCKED. He had been living on Credit. At his death his wife lost every thing except her car. His mother lost her house (In his name with loans against it. His son's the same and Their beautiful home in a High end development was lost.
    He paid a high cost for living above his means. I still cannot believe it.
    I once asked him, "Pete we do the same thing, how do you do it?"
    his answer "Jack, you must use the bank's money."
    "I told him then, I'm too cheap to pay interest Pete."
    I then looked at my son and think, "He sure didn't need to learn from Pete, Pete could have learned form him."
    Sorry to go on, but you hit a nerve and yep, I respect you and your hubby, IT DOES TAKE A TEAM!

  2. Enjoyed this thank you so much

  3. Tell it sister, tell it:) Making better choices is one habit that would change most everyone's life. I know it changed mine.
    I worked full time and pit myself through college (both a bachelors and master degrees.) some of my friends said why are you killing yourself going to school? What I wanted to say is that it will pay dividends later in my life. What I said was, "Just call me wacky." By the way, the education did and does pay dividends p.

  4. Came over from Jack's; I think you hit it on the nail with your writing about the "poor rich people." It is priorities and also patience to accumulate things someone might want. A lot of people are impulsive and want it now, no matter the cost in the future. Living like you do is less stressful I do believe.


  5. Yes! There is a difference between people with real struggles and people who create struggles!

  6. WOW, you hit the proverbial nail on its head, Lisa. This may well have been written about DH's daughter ... she and her family practically define Excess; yet, many times their home or automobiles are in jeopardy of foreclosure. She and her dad have been on the 'outs' now for some time, in large part to our refusal to keep bailing them out.

    In the past, yes I was spoiled rotten, and I didn't truly appreciate those things I was given. Glad to have a second chance and you, here, to underscore my decision!

  7. Great Post. Every day I seem to see this type of irresponsible behavior and it annoys me. I just don't understand people expecting others to take care of their responsibilities regarding spending habits. As a single parent I worked hard to pay my own way. No debt is my choice and I like a great credit score even though I still have a mortgage. It can be a big challenge but I cannot imagine expecting others to pay my way. When I see folks at the movies with big bags of popcorn and drinks I don't get it how they can ask the church for help with their housing expense! I wish more people would fully realize how much stress could be eliminated if their spending habits were more healthy.

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