My Vintage Obsession

During the cold Winter days I tend to keep myself cooped up inside a lot. Then there are Saturdays and Sundays. Ahh the two days a week I don't have to worry about getting up and going to work.

Me and Nick will often take a trip to the antique malls and thrift stores on the weekends. I've learned something about myself the past year or so by going to these places. I have an obsession with vintage tea towels and table cloths along with the addiction to vintage Corningware, and Pyrex.

It's sort of a weird obsession too. Like, I do not want someone else to give it to me. I like to find it. Like looking for treasure. I'll grab a piece from a pile of junk before I take a piece included in a whole collection. Its when I find that one bowl or one cup marked below its value that catches my eye and I have to have it.

I like going to estate sales of homes that have been occupied for years. That's where I can find the the good stuff. I had a few given to me from my late Father-in-law and Mother-in-law. Something about the worn out look and softness of the old tea towels that I just love. I do not mind the tiny tea and coffee stains. Nor do I mind the tiny holes and frayed edges of most. Each one has its own story.

The other day at the Goodwill, there were shelves and shelves of coffee cups. The sign said .49 cent. One cup caught my eye. I immediately took it from the pile of unwanted mugs.

Of course, it was "crown corning". Like I really need any more cups, I had to have it. Those are rarely a find in thrift stores. I brought this cutie home and gave it a good sterile wash and now she sparkles.
Its one of my favorites while my husband enjoys drinking form his collection of Fire King mugs handed down from his grandparents and parents.

What are some of your favorite treasures or obsessions?

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  1. I use those Corningware casseroles in your picture all the time. We've been married 61 years this Saturday & I MAY have gotten them as a wedding present!!

  2. TOOLS! old or new, I love tools. Oh and OLD WESTERNS. Fortunately we cannot bring too much into the motor home, so even though I love thrift shops, estate and yard sales, we cannot bring much home. I am reading an old western now with only half of the last page barely hanging on, but I will still read it.
    BUT we have honestly reached the peak, it is time to downsize to keep the kids from having to do that.

    Good entry Lady (And you are not even at the age to be considered vintage)

  3. Pleasurable thank you for sharing.

  4. Quirky but fun! And totally harmless. It makes you happy, so just enjoy your obsession. We all have our own, don't we? I seem to have short-lived obsession where I'll run around looking for a specific thing for weeks and then POOF I'm bored of it and move onto something else.

  5. We don't use paper towels at meals but antique cotton napkins that are as soft as down. The have faded through the years and constant use, but they are lovely. When people eat with us they often ask where we got the napkins. These were hand me down gifts from an elderly friend.