Keep Pounding

"Keep Pounding"

That's the motto around here theses past few month. Our very own team here is Charlotte made it to the Superbowl 50. They will be playing against the Denver Broncos which obviously is a good team as well. We finished the season with only one loss. That's pretty darn good.

Everywhere you look, the streets are vending with Panther merchandise and the stores are over flowing with memorabilia. This is what our city looked like during a pep rally and send off party for the team last week.

This was a week day. Where do these people work??? or Do they?

We do not have any plans for a Superbowl party but some friends have invited us over to watch the game. However, We will probably just sit here in the comfort of our home snuggled together in the den.
Nick and I are not big football fans but we get excited when our own team makes it to the top. 

Despite the diet, I wanted to bake something for the occasion. I had an idea for a Panthers themed pound cake. I called it "Keep POUNDing Cake". Its a regular pound cake with a swirl of jello powder layered in the middle. The Jello turns into a sweet center. Blue of course. I wish I had added more Jello center than I did. 

I will not be eating all of this cake. We are actually choosing a healthier snack of veggies, but I plan to take a couple pieces of this cake for Nick and I to enjoy and give the rest to my daughter so she can share it at her own Superbowl gathering. 

The wins have been good for my Etsy business too. I've kept busy making Carolina Panther inspired hats for several customers requesting them before the big game. I made some baby hats, adult hats and even dog hats.

Mission accomplished. I'm all caught up and they are all in the hands of those fans (or should I say heads). Now I plan to sit back in my new recliner and enjoy the game or should I say commercials.

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? And how are you celebrating?

Congratulations Carolina Panthers for making it this far !! 
Keep Pounding !!


  1. Oh boy, I prefer pound cake (Just under German Chocolate! LOL) Sherry does make a great pound cake but only on occasion. I like the idea of the jello powder spread in for the color and probably a taste bud 'waker upper'.

    Sherry is the sports fan here, but I will probably watch the super bowl.

    The hats are beautiful and a great idea. I am beginning to think your head is FULL of ideas.

    Best of luck to your team. (Sherry likes the Keep Pound Cake.)

  2. Great post thank you for sharing

  3. I'ma loving your pound cake. Also, I'm rooting for your team.
    Go Panthers