Bisquick Mug Cake

Believe it or not, Im still on the Nutrisystem diet. I have been doing the "weekends on my own plan" for a few months. That's where I eat my own foods on the weekends while eating Nutrisystem during the week. I do good with that. But here is the problem. I delayed my order for a few weeks and this is what happens.

I run out of the desserts and I dig around the kitchen for something else to snack on. I really look forward to sitting down after my evening shower to a nice piece of chocolate cake, or fudge brownie. I never miss that part of the meal plan. The other meals are no problem, I will replace them sometimes with my own foods that are equivalent.

I cleaned the kitchen from dinner, crocheted some then went on with my normal routine. After my shower I told my husband, "I'll be in the kitchen playing around". I wanted to experiment on making another single dessert. I use these for snacks or weekend breakfast.

I looked in the pantry and noticed a box of Bisquick. I decided to go with the pancake recipe but change it up a bit and make it small enough to satisfy one. You may think I only think of myself when I do these but I always offer my husband the first bite and will make him one if he wants it.

I get all the credit for this one. I didn't go by any recipe or online ideas. I just guessed at the measurements and had no idea if it would even cook in a microwave. I figured I'd have to play around to get it right, but I aced it the first time. It didn't need less or more of anything. It was perfect. I actually surprised myself. Basically, I replaced the cup measures for Tablespoon measures.

I'm so excited how this cake turned out that I'm going to share it with you now.
I'm not really sure if its considered a pancake or a muffin. It wasn't cooked in a pan so its not a pancake, it was cooked in a mug so it a mug cake.
Get it?
OK, on to the recipe.

First grab a mug or ramekin and add all the ingredients. No need to grease it.

Bisquick Mug Cake

  • 4 Tablespoons Bisquick
  • 1 Teaspoon brown sugar
  • 1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 Tablespoons Milk ( I used 2%)
  • 2 Tablespoons liquid egg (I used "Egg Beaters" brand)

Mix well
Place in microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds.
Top with syrup and enjoy. (I used sugar free syrup)

This meal is perfect for breakfast or snack.

ONLY 168 Calories!!!!!!!!

After I ate this, I went to my Nutrisystem account and set my next food shipment to arrive early next week. Their foods satisfy me to where I do not want to snack like this all the time. Seriously. I want to eat all day long!

For the record: I've kept my weight way below my goal.


  1. mmm...168 calories is just the syrup though, huh?

  2. I've heard of the Nutrisystem diet but I've never tried it myself

  3. Mug-cake! awright! For many years Bisquick was Sherry's stand by. WE seldom bake anymore but the box is there.
    She got up early to bake some 'healthy cookies', she is the sweet eater in our house. I prefer a carrot or an apple.
    BUT imma tell you I do like Bisquick pancakes, so I have no doubt I would like your Mug-cake.

    Sweet(s) for the sweetie, 'neighbor'.

  4. Your recipes are SO creative!!

  5. delicious, thank you for sharing.

  6. I thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. : )
    Sounds like a great little dessert and can't beat those calories. I will give it a try.

  7. Wow - this looks amazing! I'm on a perpetual diet myself, so I may have to whip this up. Thanks!

  8. Now that is very interesting Lisa. I admire your discipline and hope this diet works great for you. The idea of a cake in the mug is very clever! So glad you shared.

  9. How easy! Looks yummy too! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  10. This sounds really good and I love all of your mug recipes.
    Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.